Fondue, castles and challenges

I have not been writing posts these past couple of days, because I have been so busy with orientation week in school. Last few days I have been studying German, playing my instrument and attending to activities the school has arranged to us. At wednesday we had the ”Swiss evening”, where we had some traditional Swiss cheese fondue, swiss activities and  Swiss folk music. The cheese fondue was actually quite good, it had some Swiss cheese in it and also white wine, cherry liquoir and garlic and we dipped bread and potatoes in it 😀


Yesterday I went to my school, the Music campus, for the first time. I thought that it is really not a long walk from the city centre there and I was carrying my instrument in my back. I got to the right street and the road started going uphill and it just got steeper and steeper.  It was about 30 celsius degrees and I really thought I was gonna faint, but I made it. 🙂 I had heard that the school is very beautiful and the view is amazing, but I didn´t really understand what they ment before I got there. It is a castle! a Harry Potter kind of castle. 😀 It is crazy. And yes, the view is amazing. I practiced there and I met one other Euphonium player there so it was really nice.




This morning I went to German class and the first thing I had to do was to have a presentation about me and my life in German 😀 I usually speak English with other exchange students, but in the school or in the shops I usually try to use German. Also here everything you see is written German, so it´s almost easier for me to use German. Sometimes I don´t remember some word in English, but I know the word in German, so I am speaking English and German mixed. 😀 And actually I have started to understand even the Swiss German quite well, because I hear it so much, so I am happy about that. :). After the German class we had lunch in the park by the lake with some other exchange students. Then we went to the Swiss Museum of Transport, the school had arranged us tickets there. The museum was actually much more interesting that it sounds. In there we got a Swiss snack. A bread and a chocolate bar and they told us to put the Chocolate inside the bread, because it is the traditional way to eat it. 😀 Later I went to the railwaystation and I wanted to buy a bus card, but I had to come back home, because I didin´t have my passport with me. It is really strange in here, if you want to buy a prepaid for your phone, a bus ticket or anything, you always need to show your passport and other papers explaining the reasons you stay here.


When I finally got my bus ticket I went up to the school and practised Euphonium. After that I went to town and bought a coffee from the Starbucks. The first coffee I have had here! and there is a reason for that. You can´t get coffee anywhere from here. I guess people don´t drink coffee in here, because we don´t have any kind of coffee making possibilities here in the house. I tried to explain to the people here what kind of coffee machines we have in Finland, the ones that makes ten cups of coffee at once, but the only one who knew what I was talking about was the Danish guy. 😀 For me the lack of coffee is not a problem, because I usually drink coffee only in weekends anyway, but the most of Finnish people would die. 😀

At the end of this post I have to say that it is strange, that almost every student I have met here, Europeans and non-Euoropeans, seems to think that Finland is a part of  Russia, or the language is similar with Russian. I was even told that I look like Eastern European 😀 People seems to think that Finland is more Eastern European country than a part of Scandinavia.