IKEA, practicing and Wi-Fi problems

Here in Switzerland it is still summer and it has been about 26 degrees every day, so we have been swimming a lot in the lake. 🙂 Sunday evening we were swimming with other music students and we decided to go to IKEA on Monday, because I had no lessons for Monday this week. It was really nice to go there, because I have been looking for something to brighten up my room a littlebit. I have been looking for curtains or pillows, but they really are here so expensive that I gave up on that idea. Thank God we have IKEA. 😀 I bought a cool vintage poster on my wall and a nice baby blue blanket, so it feels cozy in my room now. 🙂

Tuesday morning I had my first group lesson with other Euphonium players. It was great! I met all the others and they were really nice. The not so nice part of Tuesday was discovering, that all the Euphonium players stand here when they play. It is really hard if you haven´t done it before, because Euphonium weights about ten kilograms and it is really hard to get it in the right position comfortably when you stand and play. Also in Finland Euphonium players always sit. Even in the soloist concerts, so I have never done it before. The first day I had one hour Basic class and 75 minute instrument lesson, so it was a lots of standing and playing right away. To be honest, I was really frustrated on Tuesday, because I really didn´t play well, because all my concentration and strenghts went to just holding the Euphonium up, but I am sure it will get easier. 🙂

After Tuesday I have practised really much and I have standed and played short times during my rehearsal. Just 1-5 minutes at the time. Today it actually felt more comfortable when we played duets with other Euphonium player, but I still can´t do it very long at once.

It is actually really nice to have so many Euphonium players here and almost every one of them are Swiss or German, so we use only German in school. Today I have actually manged to have long conversations with other students in all German. Ofcourse my German is not perfect, but it gets better when you got to speak with people who talk German in their mother language.

Here in Luzern I have good opportunities to do all kind of sports and I really like it. I have been jogging and walking and also our school has a really good sports program. They have all kind of sports six days a week and yesterday I was in Box Aerobic and it was really good. The teacher started the class with German but quickly changed to Swiss German, so I quikly learned to count on eight in Swiss German. 😀

I don´t remember if I have talked about this earlier in my blog, but here in my apartment the Wi-Fi is not working well and that´s why it is  hard to get contact to Finland sometimes. I have been in the mercy of random Wi-Fi connections in the city centre and here. Yesterday I finally bought some cables to get the Wi-FI working better in my room and it worked! ( The cables costed 60 Francs :/). So now my internet connection is good when I am in my room, but the Wi-Fi in  my phone is still not working most of the times. 🙁

I think I am going to walk to Starbucks now and buy my well earned coffee of the week. 🙂