Food and visitors

Dear readers,

I realized that have not been writing posts for a long time, so I decided to write something. 🙂 I have been really busy with school and practising last weeks and almost all my spare time goes to homework. The school here is really demanding! 😀 Luckily my boyfriend visited me while ago so I had a little break. It was lovely to show him all the places and some of the people I always talk about. 🙂

My boyfriend brought with him some salmiakki, because I wanted to see the reactions of my housemates.  It was so funny, they looked like they would have tasted poison and they described it to taste like fishguts and car tires. ?:D I also told them about other Finninsh delicates such as mämmi, liver casserole and blood pancakes and they totally  think that Finns are weird. 😀 But to my defence I have to say that their traditional foods sounded bizarre also. 🙂

It has been freezing here lately. I have used my winter jacket and mittens, I know, I am from Finland, so I shouldn´t be bothered for a cold wearther, but still I miss Sauna terribly. 😀

I have to mention once more the swiss chocolate, it is so good! I am going to have a presentation about it in one of my classes in couple of weeks. Below is a picture about the window of a chocolate shop. 🙂