Food, friends and homesickness

Hello! I want to update you readers a littlebit about what has happend in last weeks. Last weekend was fun! on Saturday we were in Zurich. We were supposed to go to Johann Jacobs museum and then have an apero in our teachers house who lives in Zurich. We went to the museum and after that we went to find a grocery store so that we could buy something to bring to the teacher. Then we tried to find the teachers house and realized, that she had only told us the street and that it it a “ugly yellow” house. It turned out that every other house in that street was yellow! we ended up looking every house on the street but we couldn´t find her house. 😀 Eventually we gave up and looked around Zurich by ourselves, it was nice. Zurich is ofcourse bigger city than Luzern and beautiful, but I still prefer Luzern. 🙂

Last Sunday we had a pancake party in one of my friends Place. She actually lives in hotel here, but she is allowed to use the kitchen. 🙂 I went there earlier to help her cook and later there came other exchange students too. It was great! I knew most of them already, but there were some new too. I think it is unbelievably interesting to talk with people all around the world. We all have some prejudices about countries and people, and that´s why it is so important to get to know people and hear what the life is really like in their countries. I was also shocked to hear how in some countries terrorism is a part of their everyday life. :/ Makes me so thankful to be in such a safe country.

Last tuesday I had a great day! We always have Tuesday mornings “Basics” with other Euphonium players. This week we were only four, so one of the players, who has some singing background decided that we should sing instead playing 😀 I thought that it was a joke at first, but then we started singing and he had some notes with four parts, so we sang as a acappella group. I was only female voice, but it didn´t matter. It was actually really nice, because I used to sing in choir and I miss singing every once in a while. After that we grabbed our instrument and played some basics :D. In the afternoon we had a barbecue party in the yard of our school (read castle :D). and it was great, allthoug all the others were German or Swiss and they spoke mostly Swiss German, so I didn´t understand everything, but it didn´t matter. I can still eat fluently in any language. 😀 I brought some sausages with me to the barbecue, but apparently in Switzerland people NEVER barbecue sausages, you can only boil and fry them, but anyway all got eaten. 😀

Yesterday evening we hang out with my Finnish housemate. I had bought some salmon (a real luxury food)  and we had a nice meal. We also baked chocolate cake and ate it with a homemade ice cream, so it was really nice. 🙂

Today is Sunday and I am writing now because I finally have some time,  I have a sore throat and have to stay inside 🙁 I have also been today for the first time a littlebit homesick. I miss Finnish Autumn and I have to admit that sometimes it is hard to be so far away from all the loved ones. <3

Ps. I promise to post some photos later, when I have more time. 🙂