Sickness, potions and helpful housemates

Dear readers! I wrote last Sunday and nothing has happened since then, because I have been sick all week. All week! Everyone who knows me, knows how consentious I am and I never want to miss out on anything. Especially when it has something to do with playing. I agreed to stay home at Tuesday that I would be in shape on Wednesday when I was supposed to have my instrument lesson, but when Wednesday came, I was still feeling terrible. I decided to go and come back if I don´t feel good. After two failed attemps to even get to the bus stop I gave up. Now it is Friday and today I managed to get to school and played a little, but as soon I got there, I realized that it was not so good idea, because I am still sick. I have tried all possible things that might help such as: Garlic, Ginger, Lemon, Lime, liters of Tee, Honey, Spearmint (inhaled and drink)  etc. and every possible medications. I also called to health clinic and they said that bad flue can easily last ten days, so I have no option but to keep resting.

In the end I want to point out some things I find strange here. First of all, there is no public health care in Switzerland, everyone has  to get a health insurance and when they get sick they can go to see their own doctor, or to any clinic they have here. The other one is that there is not a ventilation in any houses in Switzerland, even in school, the windows has to be all the time open that the air in the room changes, especially in winter times. In my house it is even more important, because this is an old house, I have to open the windows and doors several times a day, and apparently it is still quite common that mold grows on the ceiling. That freaks me out, because I am an wind instrument player and also I can not help thinking if it is one of the reasons my flue won´t go away.

I have to say that staying inside for this long, I would have gone mad without my great housemates. Even when I am sick, when I go downstairs to eat or to get tea, there is always nice people to talk to and they cheer me up. They also help me in many ways, this week one of my housemates went to grocery store for me and they have made me food and they are always ready to help me however they can. I am so thankful for them! 🙂