Sisters and Cheese

Hello readers! I know it has been too long since the last time I wrote, but here I am again. 🙂 I have been really busy with the school, but couple of weeks ago I had my sister here in Luzern, they stayed with me for couple of days and it was so nice! 🙂 We were also lucky because the weather was sunny and good most of the time. Unfortunately I had to go to school that weekend from ten to five, but we still had time to catch up and I got to show them my favourite place. Quite near my house is a hill/little mountain with a most beautiful view to the city and to the lake. It is so quiet and peaceful  there and also there are some sheep with a little bells on their necks so when when you sit there you can hear the bells tingling. 🙂 It is beautiful.

I have had a lot to do with my school and I personally think that there should be less school for exchange students, especially in music, so that we could concentrate more on music. I do like my other courses but they really take time.

Couple of weeks ago me and the other Finnish exchange student were invited to our Swiss friends house to eat “the real cheese fondue”. It was a great night! They lived in a beautiful old house in the hill and we helped them to prepare the fondue. It was so good! So different from the cheese fondue I had earlier when I came here. I  learned that a cheese fondue shoul always be eaten with a hot drink, mostly with tee butth wine but never with  other cold drinks.