Ik ga naar Amsterdam part 1

Right now I’m sitting on a train that takes me to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport to start the biggest adventure in my life so far – an exchange semester in Amsterdam. My flight will depart tomorrow morning, so I thought this would be a good time for the first blog entry. 

My current feelings vary from excitement and nervousness to confusion. The exchange is actually happening now, but for some reason it still feels like my brains hasn’t realised it. I guess, when I actually arrive to Amsterdam the reality will finally hit me. Also I must admit I’m little worried how well my upcoming studies will go, especially since my Dutch friends gave me the impression that studying in the Netherlands is much harder than in Finland. I really hope that’s not the case. The grades don’t really matter that much, but naturally I’d like to get as good grades as possible and pass the courses with no problems. Anyhow, these feelings are probably totally normal in this situation, and overall I’m really looking forward for the semester and I’m sure everything will go just fine. 

Since my flight will departure early in the morning, I have go the terminal area today to make it in time. Luckily it’s possible to do the check-in and drop the luggage day before, at least with Finnair’s morning flights. At first I planned to spend the night on the benches of the terminal, but then I found out that the Helsinki-Vantaa airport also has some special chairs / beds, the so called “sleeping eggs” (in the picture). With these I should get at least some privacy and sleep better, thanks to the blanket and pillow, which are included in the price. The eggs also have power socket. The price however, felt quite high, and for me one night costs about 40€. I still thinks it’s better option than to sleep on the cold and hard benches of the airport. And anyway, nothing is cheap at the airport…

I’ll write a short review of the night on the next part of this blog post, which should be published at some point after my arrival. So stay tuned and until then, cheers! 

PS. A few words on the name of the blog, which is Naar Amsterdam = To Amsterdam. I admit it’s not the most creative name, but I couldn’t come up with anything better. There’s just a slight problem with it, because if I’ve understood correctly, the word naar also means sick or ill. So just to clear things up, the name doesn’t mean that I think Amsterdam is a sick or ill city, but just stating the fact I’m going there. And since no one will read this blog anyway, I guess the name doesn’t really matter. 😉