Esa-Pekka Autio

De eerste maand

Now it has been little over one month, since I moved to Amsterdam and I’m starting to settle down to my new home. The city is starting to feel smaller and I can even understand and have some very basic conversations in Dutch! Though, I can’t claim yet to be a real Amsterdamer, I’m starting…

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Ik ga naar Amsterdam part 2

” You woke up this morning, you got yourself… an egg!” To my surprise, I actually had a good-night-sleep in the egg. What was so surprising about it, was the fact that the sleep-egg-thingy felt more like a fake leather couch and also the excitement of tomorrow’s departure should have affected my sleep. Maybe the…

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Ik ga naar Amsterdam part 1

Right now I’m sitting on a train that takes me to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport to start the biggest adventure in my life so far – an exchange semester in Amsterdam. My flight will depart tomorrow morning, so I thought this would be a good time for the first blog entry.  My current feelings vary from…

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