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End draws near

Supsup folks! Finally done with finals, pheew that was quite intense but against all odds it seems I did quite well. Two As and two Bs, hell that’s way better than my grades back home. Not bad even though I say so myself. My flight is leaving from JFK in two days time, before that I still hope to enjoy the NYC (note NY and NYC are two different things) the upstate world and the City life differ like night and day. While Oneonta is about the size of my home village of Muurame (although the population here is comprised of 90% students) NYC is THE place to be with all the grandeur of the Manhattan skyscrapers to the hipster streets of Soho all the way to the rather omnious back alleys of Bronx (a place you don’t want to get lost in trust me).

The thing about NYC that I love so much is that it’s like the city is alive. There’s all kinds of cool stuff happening constantly that in Finland you would only hear from in the news. A while back I noticed that Alec Baldwin was standing in line behind me at a Manhattan Subway waiting to get a nice sandwich. Also there are several consecutive movie/tv projects going on all the time. I stumbled through Law and Order: SVU scene while walking the streets of Lower Manhattan. And they were shooting Bourne Legacy at a random subway station. So if you’re interested in seeing this kind of stuff New York is the place for you. I absolutely love it, all in all I think culturally NYC stands almost unrivaled. MoMa, The Met, Times Square (with the amazing iMax movie theatres), the clubs, restaurants, Carnegie Hall, USS Intrepid (anchored in the Hudson Bay) the list goes on and on and on. It would take years to experience everything this place has to offer. I WILL absolutely return one day.

Someone once said that “when the darkness fell, New York City became something else, any old Sinatra song notwithstanding.” But this sentiment can be pretty much thrown out the window these days. Of course the City is alive and beautiful but also in some places (Queens, Bronx, parts of Brooklyn) dirty and dangerous. Common sense will get you far. I wholeheartedly recommend travelling to NYC, it’s quite the inspiring experience.

So long New York, this is not a goodbye… But a see ya


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11th Hour


I’ve been meaning write something for this blog of mine for quite a while but school has kept me busy more than usual as the semester is drawing to a close and all the deadlines seem to fall on me at once.. Well anyway, 13 days left in the States and then it’s time to get back to the important things back Europe.

Now that I’ve had a taste of the dormitory life I can say that it’s not nearly as bad as I thought at first. Yeah, there is no privacy at all and the rooms are pretty tiny, but then again if you happen to be blessed with some great room mates it makes things a lot better. When I got here I lived in Hulbert Hall (it’s the biggest dorm hall and houses the most people) My roommate at the time decided to move in with his girlfriend and I was left with a choice to either pay hundreds of dollars extra for staying in a double room by myself or moving to another hall. I decided to move into Sherman Hall (a medium sized dorm hall in the middle of campus) and this turned out to be one of the smartest decisions I’ve made here. Sherman has cool people and nicer rooms.

Next week we start our final exams, I’ve got 4 of em and 1 is an online exam. Wish me luck! After the exams on the 17th I’ll get a bus to Manhattan and from there I’ll grab a taxi to get to JFK.

But now it’s time to work on a paper that’s due next Tuesday…

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Hey ya’ll!

Spring Break came and went, sure was sweet! Especially Boston made a lasting impact on me, such an awesome place. Saw Harvard, MIT, Fenway Park and chilled on the roof of the John Hancock tower. Me and some friends also decided to do a road trip to Montreal, I ended up driving there and that was quite the experience 😀 A Finnish guy driving a car with Tennessee plates from New York to Montreal caused some suspicion at the border but everything went just fine all in all. Montreal is a hip and European styled city where people speak more French than English so I got the chance to hone my language skills alongside clubbing.. Also played some poker at the Casino and saw a rather interesting rap gig at the Ultra Light Club. Great stuff all in all!

Just the other day it struck me.. I need to return home in under 6 weeks! Whaaaaaaat? It’s crazy how fast the time flies during my exhange. Wow, well I will enjoy the rest of my semester to the fullest and hopefully one day in the future I’ll get a chance to work here in the great state of New York, preferrably downstate near the City though 😉

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Maverick, always above and beyond average!

Hey’ey people! So Spring has finally kicked into fifth gear here in Oneonta with temperatures around +20 degrees and a lot of sun. Really liking this, it’s apparently kinda rare to get this kind of a early Spring around here but hey! I’m lovin’ it 🙂

The midterm grades are in and I surprised myself to say the least. Four courses and four A’s?! What, I honestly am not sure how that happened but I’m not going to complain one bit. Tomorrow is the final day of school (or would be if our classes weren’t cancelled) before the week long break. I need to leave Sherman Hall for the week but thankfully I’ve made some good friends who will let me stay with them during the break. So what are my vacation plans you ask? Well…

First exploring NYC with the dedication it deserves and on Thursday me and a couple of friends will grab a car and go accross the border into Canada. Montreal to be more specific for some nice, laidback funtime!

So all’s good in Oneonta, really enjoying myself here! Good times.

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Spring Break Planning etc.

So February is drawing to a close and March is nearly here and with March, Spring Break is also right around the corner. Me and a couple of friends were at first planning to go to Mexico for the week but the prices hiked a bit too much over the past few weeks.. Change of plans, we’re going to Montreal, should be good fun and it will be interesting to see a piece of Canada during my stay here.

Some exams and project returns still remain for the next two weeks, but so far the classes have been relatively smooth sailing for me. The subjects are fascinating and I can’t really complain about anything!

My new dorm (Sherman Hall) is nice and it’s really a major step up from the previous one; Hulbert. Nice people here and the location couldn’t be better. The weather is unpredictable to say the least; some days are warm, sunny and nice while others are filled with snow storms and bone-chilling winds 😀 Well, it’s not called the city of the hills for nothing I quess..

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Back at it!


Been a while since the last post but I’be been mad busy with all the school work and stuff. I moved to another dormitory; from Hulbert to Sherman Hall. This seems a lot nicer as it’s not nearly as crowded as the last one although it is about 200 dollars more expensive. And Hulbert Hall was designed by the same people who made the Alcatraz prison so that might be why it kinda seemed like a maze at times 😀

It was Valentine’s Day yesterday and it’s really such a big deal here when compared to Finland. It was cute that the girls next door brought me chocolate and stuff. BTW. I have a new nickname, I’m Finn 😀

The courses are heading towards Spring Break with just a few weeks to go. (Pheew, time truly flies!) Then we’ll get 10 days off and are free to do whatever. I really like my Music and The Marketplace and Record Labels in Popular Culture courses couldn’t have better specialization courses.

I also booked the flights back to Finland via London as they will inevitably get really expensive on a weekly basis from here on. And anyway at least I don’t need to stress about that anymore.

So all’s good in the hood. Looking forward to the Spring Break 8)

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Late Registration


The semester keeps on rollin’ and I have finally made my official/final/ultimate schedule and it’s not looking bad at all! Few courses that deal with the music industry and some marketing to go with that seems nice. The workload of the courses varies a lot and so does the prices of the books… The book for my marketing course is a whopping 150 dollars while the record labels in pop-culture book is only a meager 30 bucks, still they’re almost identical in size. Weird, but hey when in Rome and so forth.

I had to visit the dean of the business department the other day, quite intimidating as usually you only see the dean when you’re doing really badly with your studies or have screwed something up. Wasn’t too bad though, he turned out to be a cool guy and registering for a course a week late was no problem.

The lecturers here really got game, especially the former record label big-shot turned professor leading our music industry classes deserves applause. Each lecture just flies by with the guy. All in all the level of teaching is pretty high, no wonder considering that O-State is among the SUNY’s elite five.

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Getting comfortable

Hey ya’ll!

The first week of College life is drawing to a close and it’s been an interesting trip so far. In a nutshell; yeah the parties are crazy, the people are really nice, the dormitories are pretty small and cramped but still alright (at least when the heating works) the weather is “Spring-ish” although it’s only late January.

But proverbial devil is indeed in the details so let’s do a closer examination of all this…

It’s definately not Winter here anymore, this morning as I walked through downtown Oneonta the weather was almost t-shirt warm and sunny. There are days like that but then again we also get really random snow storms, rain and wind because it’s basically a mountain town and the university is located on top of a hill. Still, it’s a far-cry from the Finnish January weather and I ain’t complaining!

The classes seem to be pretty tough and there is a lot to do during a course. The books cost a truckload of money and I’m glad I only got four courses and not a single one more. The US study credits compare to the ECTS as follows: 3 US = 5 ECTS and that’s pretty cool.

The student culture, parties and all that are like straight out of an American Pie movie, and that’s just crazy 😀 It’s going to be an awesome semester.

The Arrival (video)


Just a short and rather hastily put together clip of the first day(s)

Check it here:

Peace out!

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The Arrival

Oi mates! Greetings from snowy Oneonta, NY I have finally survived the jet-lag and gotten my bearings on campus. The flight from Helsinki to here was quite a challenging one. I had 20 minutes at Paris CDG to change planes, so I was running at the airport in true Jason Bourne-fashion 😀 (Note to self: Book flights with reasonable transfer times in the future)

So eventually I got to Oneonta, safe and sound. SUNY had sent two people to pick me up at Albany airport and that surely was a nice touch. Arriving on campus I was assigned into the Hulbert Hall, the largest dormitory hall on campus. I have a relatively small room but it’s alright for this time that I will be spending here. All in all the campus as well as the town seem nice and kinda “Everwood-like” Let’s hope it stays that way.

Tomorrow I’ll get my final schedule for the semester and it seems I get to take all the courses I wanted (for example: History of Rock Music) so that’s pretty sweet. I can also eat as many times per day in any one of the campus dining halls so I am a bit worried of the possible “freshman fifteen” 😀 I glad they got gyms for us that we can use whenever.

So that’s it for now, still feels a bit weird being here and in the mornings it oftentimes feels like I’m still at Viitaniemi or thereabouts…

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