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Hey ya’ll!

Spring Break came and went, sure was sweet! Especially Boston made a lasting impact on me, such an awesome place. Saw Harvard, MIT, Fenway Park and chilled on the roof of the John Hancock tower. Me and some friends also decided to do a road trip to Montreal, I ended up driving there and that was quite the experience 😀 A Finnish guy driving a car with Tennessee plates from New York to Montreal caused some suspicion at the border but everything went just fine all in all. Montreal is a hip and European styled city where people speak more French than English so I got the chance to hone my language skills alongside clubbing.. Also played some poker at the Casino and saw a rather interesting rap gig at the Ultra Light Club. Great stuff all in all!

Just the other day it struck me.. I need to return home in under 6 weeks! Whaaaaaaat? It’s crazy how fast the time flies during my exhange. Wow, well I will enjoy the rest of my semester to the fullest and hopefully one day in the future I’ll get a chance to work here in the great state of New York, preferrably downstate near the City though 😉

Back at it!


Been a while since the last post but I’be been mad busy with all the school work and stuff. I moved to another dormitory; from Hulbert to Sherman Hall. This seems a lot nicer as it’s not nearly as crowded as the last one although it is about 200 dollars more expensive. And Hulbert Hall was designed by the same people who made the Alcatraz prison so that might be why it kinda seemed like a maze at times 😀

It was Valentine’s Day yesterday and it’s really such a big deal here when compared to Finland. It was cute that the girls next door brought me chocolate and stuff. BTW. I have a new nickname, I’m Finn 😀

The courses are heading towards Spring Break with just a few weeks to go. (Pheew, time truly flies!) Then we’ll get 10 days off and are free to do whatever. I really like my Music and The Marketplace and Record Labels in Popular Culture courses couldn’t have better specialization courses.

I also booked the flights back to Finland via London as they will inevitably get really expensive on a weekly basis from here on. And anyway at least I don’t need to stress about that anymore.

So all’s good in the hood. Looking forward to the Spring Break 8)