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4 Weeks in Nottingham


The 4 weeks in Nottingham have gone by fast. I’ve had a lot to do and a lot to see so I’ve been keeping busy! First week was the Freshers Week, which meant lots of events and parties to choose from. I spend my Freshers Week by getting to know the other exchange students and the city of Nottingham. The city center is quite beautiful, but the rest of the city is not what I had imagined. This is a student city and it shows. As spectacular as the city center is, everything else I’ve seen is not in such a good shape. My neighborhood, Radford, is in particular known as the ‘dangerous’ place to live in here in Nottingham.  Everyone keeps warning me about it and I’ve noticed it myself too. Luckily I have my friend and classmate from Finland here with me and we always walk outside together.

My school is very beautiful, from the outside it looks like Hogwarts and from the inside its very modern. The perfect combination then! The campus is HUGE, we have our own Starbucks in our library, our own campus bar, -shop and many restaurants. I really like the campus. I’m studying the Human Resource Management-module and it consists of 3 courses. The module is very interesting, but also very hard. The assignments we get are not like in JAMK, their more difficult and we are required to do a lot of reading. Not a day goes by that I don’t have to read something for the next days lecture.

All in all my start here in Nottingham has been quite nice! I have to study super hard to keep up, but I guess that’s gonna help me develop my knowledge and especially my critical reading..On my free time I hang out with my friends or go shopping, two of my favorite things to do! Here is a picture of my school, Nottingham Trent University and a pic from the city center! Nottingham Trent University Nottingham