Monthly Archives: November 2014

Life in Nottingham


The city of Nottingham is starting to feel more like a home. There are so many attractions here, for example the Goose Fair (an amusement park) and all the great restaurants and bars. There’s a party every night! I am a huge fan of good food and cooking so for me this town is just a brilliant place to be. There is  Marco Pierre White’s restaurant and also Jamie Oliver’s place. I really love this restaurant called ‘Ask’, an Italian place right in the city center and conveniently a few meters from my bus stop to home.

As the semester goes on, the courses get harder. Lots and lots to do, essays to write, presentations to do and all the home work to read. I think I have probably read more books and articles here than I have during my whole life. But luckily the teachers are really helpful and all my classmates are super nice! And I am really gaining good knowledge on human resource management. This exchange has only made my passion for HRM stronger.

A few more weeks to go before the holidays!