Monthly Archives: December 2014

Happenings in Nottingham


Nottingham is full of life. The people here are very passionate about local sports teams and seasonal events.

There are two big sports teams in Nottingham that everyone seems to love. There is the ice hockey team Nottingham Panthers and the football team Nottingham Forest. We went to see both and the atmosphere was amazing! These people really know how to cheer on their favourite teams!! Everyone from little kids to elderly people were singing the cheers and swearing if something bad happened and  jumping up from their seats when something good happened. We need some of this spirit to Finland! But I have to say, the ice hockey was not nearly as good as what we have in Finland. Made me miss JYP.

On Friday 21.11 there was the “Christmas lights switch on” in the market square. It was raining heavily, cold and windy, but still hundreds of people gathered together to watch the switch on and the fireworks! Again, great spirit. This was the event kicking off the Winter Wonderland themed Christmas market. It is absolutely beautiful with all the handicrafts and treats they sell..ah!

The first part of my semester is nearly over, only three more days before we get a month off for Christmas break. It is so sad to say goodbye to all the great people, especially because some of the exchange students won’t be coming back after Christmas. But I guess this is part of the deal when you go to your exchange!

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