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Last week in Nottingham

Hello, It is now my final week in Nottingham so I thought I’d sum up my experience. I hope this will be helpful for all of you thinking that you wanna go to Nottingham. Before coming to England I was so nervous. As an IB student, I am used to talking in English, but I […]

Happenings in Nottingham

Hello! Nottingham is full of life. The people here are very passionate about local sports teams and seasonal events. There are two big sports teams in Nottingham that everyone seems to love. There is the ice hockey team Nottingham Panthers and the football team Nottingham Forest. We went to see both and the atmosphere was […]

Life in Nottingham

Hello! The city of Nottingham is starting to feel more like a home. There are so many attractions here, for example the Goose Fair (an amusement park) and all the great restaurants and bars. There’s a party every night! I am a huge fan of good food and cooking so for me this town is […]

4 Weeks in Nottingham

Hello! The 4 weeks in Nottingham have gone by fast. I’ve had a lot to do and a lot to see so I’ve been keeping busy! First week was the Freshers Week, which meant lots of events and parties to choose from. I spend my Freshers Week by getting to know the other exchange students […]