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Hello dear readers!

This is a blog about two finnish students journey to Germany as an exchange students. We are 4th year students from JAMK University of applied Sciences in Jyväskylä, both of us study mechanical engineering. We came here to get new perspective of our field of study and we think that the Germany is the promised land of engineers. Our journey here is only for one semester, but we think that is enough time to experience all the culture that Germany can offer us.

Little bit about us:

Hello, I’m Otto, 26th years old and in my studies i specialize in the design. I was born and raised in Jyväskylä, i have lived almost my whole life there. I have been to Germany two times before, so this country is pretty comman fo me. I wanted to be exchange student, because this was the last opportunity to be abroad and get money from it.

Hello! I’m Kalle and i’m 26th years old also. In my studies i’m specialize in the production. I’m came from little village called Vihtavuori, it’s near to Jyväskylä. I haven’t travel often, so this is bit extreme for me, but i think that this is good opportunitie to see Europe little bit more. One of my reasons to come here was my interest in cars, because German is known for their car industry, so there is lot for me to see.

Getting here was pretty easy, we found the right trains and the places, because we already been here. Dormitorys were little shock at first, because of the cleanliness of the common areas, but now after 2 weeks we are used to it.

This is us in Volksfest, we are trying to blend in with the germans, so we bought Lederhosen.

Kalle on the left and Otto on the right

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