Cars and Castles

Last week was pretty exciting for us. Our courses started, we got to meet our teachers and find out what the courses included. We have noticed some differences between German and Finish schoolsystem, first thing was that in Germany the first classes start 7:35 in the morning and the last are till 20:45, so if you have bad luck(like us), you might have 13 hour days of education. The teacher seem to be more excited about teaching, they seem to have more expirience from the engineering career and we think the reason is, that they earn much more salary than in Finland.

Friday we rented a car with our Finish friends from Göppingen and went for beer shopping. Early in the saturday morning, we started our journey to Hockenheim, the legendary race track to see DTM racing cars. First surprise was that when the police stopped us after 1 kilometer of driving, the problem was that Otto drove in the bus/taxi street, but we survived just by talking to them. It was 2 hour drive and there was little bit autobahn, so the trip went nicely. Outside of the race track there was lot of  shops, food stands and a car exhibition. In the race track there was DTM classics, Formula Renault Eurocup, Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS cup and the DTM. So the whole day went by watching cars.

From left to right Otto, Kalle, Janne and Simo. Juhana took the picture and yes it was rainy morning.

We tried to reach 200 km/h on Autobahn, but the traffic got slow, so we only got to 190km/h…

Sunday we had the rental car till 17:00, so we desided to go visit waterfall in Bad Urach. It was bit of a hike there, but it was good excercise and the nature was very beatiful. After that we go see Reussenstein Castle on Neidlingen, the castle was on a high cliff and the views was spectacular.

Waterfall from bottom and top.

Kalle found a lizard.

This is the castle, but it need little bit restoration.