Bicycles and old city

These past two weeks were not so exiting, because we didn’t do anything special. Finally we were able to rent bicycles for us from school. They only cost 20 euros for whole semester, but you have to put 100 euro deposit on it. You can image what kind of bikes you can get for 20 euros, thats why we only needed to change one bike, because of flat tire.

12.10 we had school Rallye, its was like amazing race from TV, but we were in group of four and we need to take selfies in the right destinations and it was only in Stuttgart area.  It was pretty fun and the weather was good and we saw many new places in Stuttgart. In that same weekend the Volksfest ended on sunday and they had little firework for celebration.

Last weekend we went to Rothenburg for excursion trip. The city is beau     tiful and it is surrounded by large wall.  We had guided tour where they told about the history of the place and after that we visited the medieval crime museum.

There was rock that had fountine inside it and there were fishes too.

If you make a donation of 1500 euros for the maintenence for the wall, you get a plate with your name on it.

We have noticed that in Germany there is really poor ventilations inside buildings especially in school, so during the lectures we have to keep windows open, even when it’s cold outside to keep air quality good.