Pumpkin festival and München

The last weeks were pretty normal, weekdays school and on weekend, trip to Ludwigsburg and on 1.11 was Allerheiligen, what is a national holiday in Germany, so we went to München.

In Ludwigsburg there was pumpkin festival, there was lot of pumpkins, some of them were very big and some of them where engraved very nicely. There was a competition who has the biggest pumpkin, and after the competition they cut them to pieces, that people could take part of pumpkins to home and make food of it. They sold seeds from the biggest pumpkin, so everybody could try to grow big pumpkins.

This was the biggest 1013 Kg.

München was big and beautiful place, there wasn’t so much people on the move, because of the holiday. We visited basic places like all the churches, castles and BMW showroom(Because it was free). We had local guide with us, so it was much easier to travel. One interesting place was the park, because there were surfing place and apparently the surfers go there even in winter time.  

Next years consept model