Feelings after the exchange

Now looking back at my time in Paris, I can say that I had incredible time there. I got to meet some amazing people that I became really close friends with, I was able to travel in multiple countries, I got to do a project for a fashion designer and was able to thoroughly experience beautiful Paris. Of course I had some downs as well, my wallet was stolen twice and my phone was stolen as well. Luckily, I had my friends helping me out and cheering me up so all in all I can only think of good times that I had there.

For me living in Paris and in a new culture wasn´t a shock at all and I got used to living there really fast, but there were few things that surprised me. First of all, there´s a huge number of homeless people living in Paris and every time I walked past them I felt incredibly bad and obviously as a student I couldn´t give all my money to them (I only gave to those who genuinely seemed to need it). Second thing that was quite surprising was the inequality between women and men. As a Finn, I´m totally used to equality and women having the same power as men but in France it was different. Another difference between Finnish and French culture was the concept of time though I was aware of it before I went there. In fact, while I was there I got really used to not being in time since everyone else was doing it as well so it was totally fine for me.

I was lucky enough to become friends with French people as well and it was great to hear how they felt about living in Paris and French culture versus other cultures. Coming from another French city, most of my friends did say that Parisian are quite arrogant and impolite. I mostly agree though I must say that I met some really nice Parisians as well.

All in all, my time in Paris was amazing and I´m glad that I chose to go there. I will miss going to cute little Cafés with my friends, seeing the Eiffel tower whenever I want and being able to travel other European countries just in few hours.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you for reading my blog and watching my vlogs during my time in Paris, I really hope you enjoyed.