Finally here!

Hi and welcome to read my exchange-blog from The Netherlands!

It’s been crazy few weeks and specially these last two days! Where should I even begin…

Well, everything started last fall when I had to fill up the application for the exchange studies. And I didn’t know where I got myself into. There was so much to do and so much to figure out before coming here! There was also times that I was regretting my choice.. Moving into another city in the same country is a piece of cake after this. It was so long just a plan and when the time came, it just surprised me how much have to be done before my departure. I was quite tired and I wasn’t even nervous, because I just wanted everything to be done 😀 The morning, when I left from Finland, was the first time when I felt really excited but also scared about the future..

I got myself into right flight and after that I got myself into right train to Groningen (which is challenging to pronounce right, like everything else in here :D). I found my apartment building so I was really proud of myself for those things (Those who don’t know, I have been just once in an airplane and really abroad). Then everything just started to happen. Suddenly I have three keys, own room, bike and 16 flatmates whom I really don’t know at all. I had all those things BUT not the internet connection. Luckily I got it sorted and I was able to use the google maps to find out where I can get food 😀 And was able to contact home which helped so much for the first evening here..

First morning was sunny and beautiful. I got new friends that I went to shopping to IKEA with. Yes, I spend money there, but seriously I need every single one of them! Just like I need my bike. Moving around here is easy by bike, but the traffic rules is still a little mystery.. My goal is not to cause a traffic accident when I’m cycling out there.. It’s also little difficult to understand where to go and what to buy, because everything is in Dutch.. I had to read the French texts because there was no English in the food packages. Yep, I hope that I bought butter and nothing else..

Today starts the introduction week so let’s see what the Groningen really looks like!

Hugs to everybody back home, miss you so much! <3 <3





Here is the view from my new home.