Introduction Week

The first week here is over and there were so much going on and I’ve met so many people all around the world!

International Exchange Erasmus Student Network (ESN) organizes this introduction week for all the new exchange students. They offered the ticket by email before we came here and it was sold out quickly. The start of this week was easy: when you got your wristband, you also got a card where you saw your group number and the names of your guides. Then you just checked from the Introduction week booklet where and when you have to be for the kick off and find your group. And voilà! The crazy week could really start!

There were so much to do (band night, cultural day, sport day, movie night, final party) and the days where quite long, but you was able to choose if you wanna participate or not. We had a cultural day where were work shops and you chose two which you wanted to take part of. I went for yoga and in the University museum. There was also acting, traditional Dutch games, a city tour and language speed dating for example. The museum tour was quite funny ’cause there was just three persons. But I think we were the quality ones and we got an amazing guided tour! And personally, I was really excited about those anatomy stuff there 🙂

On Sunday we had a sport day! Surprisingly this was my favorite day of the whole week! We was able to try lots of new sports like pole dancing (it’s really bad for your shoulders if you haven’t warmed up properly!!), kick boxing, lacrosse and judo (now I know how to throw people to the ground!). There were also familiar sports like volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, table tennis, floorball (people in my group know now who is the WC this year..), badminton and dancing. I was surprised that there was so many new sports for students from other countries than Finland. During that day I just started appreciate our school system and curriculum even more!

During this week I’ve met so many new friends and done so much new things so I can warmly recommend the Introduction week for everyone! I know that students parties a lot but it was still a surprise how big part the alcohol had during this week. Because of those parties, people weren’t able to take part of all the actions (parties ended and the programme of the day started But like I said earlier, it was your own choice to make which part of the programme you participated.

My school starts on Monday and then the real life begins. I can’t wait to see what I can learn about physiotherapy, The Netherlands and most of all about myself!