Excursions – a great opportunity

When you move to foreign country you want to see and explore it. And that is exactly what I’ve been doing during my days off.

People might think that you are brave and adventurous when you are doing the exchange studies. Well, I’m not. I love my routines and “boring” life. But I’m here in the foreign country so yes, I want also to travel. I participated the excursion to Maastricht by ESN and excursion to Randstad Holland by the University of Groningen. These two excursions were quite different and I enjoined both of them.  These group trips are like made for me at this point when I don’t know how to decide where I want to go. And it’s so easy! All you have to do is buy the ticket and be there on time. But you still can have an impact on how much you can get from these excursions. It’s you who makes the decision what you do, what you look and most of all what you think.

Of course there are many different kind of goals and reasons why they are organizing these trips. Sometimes the main thing is just have fun and sometimes it’s learning the history of the city. The excursion by the University of Groningen had more educational goal. I learned things that I probably wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Like there is a village called Urk or that The Hague has a street made of seashells or Rotterdam is “the city that works”. The excursions can give you a new perspective than those trips that you do by yourself when you might just look from the Google what you wan to see. When I was a child, I didn’t like at all those tourist tours that we had during our schooltrips. It’s funny how your opinions change when you get older and you start to enjoy those things, things that you’ve hated. And you can miss those things a lot, especially when it’s raining and you have to walk through the tour..

These trips are also good opportunity to meet new people and make memories with your friends. Even though I haven’t got really stressed out here (yet), these trips give a chance to relax and just enjoy life and this experience. And there is also one more positive thing: when you’re returning from the trip, it makes your dorm room feel like home.