Are the best things really free?

Money. The curse of every student. The balance between earning and student life is hard, but it is possible. While I’m here, I have a different kind of relation with money than what I have at home. For me it feels that only thing that I do here is spending it. But I think I have earned that luxury for this time. 

In Finland we have high prices pretty much in everything. The Netherlands is almost like a paradise for (Finnish) student. You can easily manage here with quite small amount of money. But there is also down side for that; when everything is cheap you buy more than normally (I’m pretty sure that my portion sizes have got bigger and probably the size of my clothes aswell…). Groningen is a real student city. There are lots of stuff to do and events to participate. It can also be seen in the opening hours of the bars (there are none) and the prices of the drinks. However, the price tag will change when you go to e.g. Amsterdam where is so much more tourists. The conversations with other exchange students also disclose the fact that this is not cheap country for everyone. I think one of the best things of living in the student house is to get to know other cultures and how other students see the Dutch culture.

Like I said I have different relation with money here. I have been working since I got out of high school. There have been times that I didn’t even remember how it feels to have a vacation. But I have always known that it has been my own choice. I think that is the main reason why I’m enjoying my time here even if I’m not doing anything. Even though I have school stuff to do, it feels that I’m having the longest vacation of my life. This is the time when I appreciate all the work I have done so far and all the choices I have made. I have to admit, it is easier to spend the money when I know that I still have my job when I come back.

And the answer for my question? Best things might be free, but you need some money to be there where those free things happen.