The end means also a new beginning

Bad news is nothing lasts forever. And the good news is nothing lasts forever.

These two sentences summarize my thoughts right now. I just finished my last lecture here in Groningen, but also the last lecture of my whole Bachelor degree of Physiotherapy. Though, I still have to survive the last three exams here and my thesis at home. But the end is real and it is close. It is exiting feeling but also really scary. Especially because when I come home, everything is different than when I left. And that is the scariest feeling, ever.

My homecoming is just behind the corner. These five months have been such an amazing time and it is shame to leave. But I also know that when I’ll take the train to the airport, I am more than happy to come home. I haven’t really been that homesick while being here. I think the knowledge about the duration has helped a lot. I have met incredible people and they have made my time here so easy, fun and memorable. Still, the only thing that I have really missed (if we don’t count the own bathroom, bed and sauna) is the people. The people that make my life really my life. The people that make my ordinary days unordinary.

I told earlier about how I miss my routines and the situations when I know what is going on. Well, it seems that I still haven’t got those and I won’t even get those when I come home. Everything is going to change. Everything has already changed. But I don’t worry about it. And that is the biggest thing that I’ve learned during my adventure here as a person. And that my friend, is a big thing. I might not worry, but I’m little scared. The time to chase my biggest dream comes closer and closer. And yet, it feels that I’m already living in it.

Se ei ole se sää vaan mielentila, joka tekee juhannuksen.

Ihanaakin ihanampaa juhannusta kaikille!

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  1. New is always scary but it is also the most exciting. You’re amazing Petra, I’m so glad we met ! I’m sure you’ll reach all your goals thanks to your commitment and hard work.

    • Aww thank you 🙂 It’s been so fun to live with you!