A long way home

Here I am. Writing my last text at home, in Finland (after just staring the screen half an hour..). I read through my previous texts and I think my thoughts and feelings have changed quite a bit during these past five months. And one sentence in the first text raises one question: What have I learned about physiotherapy, The Netherlands and myself?

I don’t even know where to start. Or am I able to answer that question. The Netherlands is quite easy one, like I have told earlier that it is not too different than Finland in the end. I can see myself there somewhere in the future, not maybe living but definitely visiting. And then the main thing of my trip, the physiotherapy part. I have learned so much more and I have read more researches and articles than all the years before combined, that I’m sure. I believe that the way I think has changed (not maybe radically but enough) and I have more ideas about the job and rehabilitation. All those courses that I attended is suitable for every physiotherapist but if you are interested about sports I highly recommended them, when comparing the alternatives in Finland. It is also good to see how things is working abroad, that’s where the most of the (top)athletes will work in some point. So, was it worth it? Absolutely yes!

Now the tricky part. What I learned about myself? I wish I could say a lot, but when I really think that question and these past months, I don’t find that much things that I didn’t already know. I wrote earlier that I’m out of my comfort zone if I don’t know how everything works and what is happening. This is one thing that I learned about myself: I can perform well also without the knowledge. But the biggest and the hardest lesson that I’ve learned is to give a slack for myself. It is okay not to do perfect job, as long as you know that you have the knowledge, but you have to prioritize so you don’t go over your limits.

When I came home it felt that I wasn’t even gone. But when I entered into my room and saw all the boxes, I realized that loud and clear.. However, the first week did go fast and well. It has been easy to settle back home. I have had time to think all the things that I have gone through and all the people that I should thank for the experience which I had. The list could be long but I try to make it short. First of all, thank you to my family who have been helping me in the beginning and in the end. Thanks to JAMK and Hanze which made this possible. Thanks to all the Sport minor classmates who showed that the spirit of the physiotherapy students is the same everywhere. Thank you to my friends in Finland who reminded me how fun it is at home and thank you E floor who made Korno to feel like home and not the party cave.. And special thanks to Aino, who was there for me from the week one till the last.

It was pleasure to made this trip and meet all the people! But now it is time to enjoy the lovely, Finnish summer and finish up my studies. And for all those who wants to travel but are worried about missing home: It’s okay to feel homesick because it means you are coming from a happy place!

xoxo Petra

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