Just stories what I do in Southern Austria

Last Week !

At work I had many of my own patients. Zero problems with working them without speaking Germany in sentences. I really liked my last week at work.

I cleaned my castle this week, I went to IKEA and bought some presents for my teacher and my landlord. At Thursday I went to sauna and I was little bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t go there before because it was only 5km away in Velden. It was the best sauna in Austria !

At Friday I tried to drink all of my remaining beers and cook for my teacher. I did manage to cook something and they said that it was tasty. But I didn’t manage to drink all my beers 🙁 I pretty much went to bed right after I got my visiters fed around 8-9 pm xD. Saturday morning I got up at 3 am and tried to clean my castle as much us I could becouse at 5 am I left to Villach and from there by buss to Venice and from there by plane to Barcelona.

Next week I will stay in Barcelona and keep well well well earned holidays !

And this 12 weeks has been my story in Austria, Shiefling am Wörthersee/Velden am Wörthersee.

Thank you Austria! Thank you Luitgard ! I will never forget what I have learned from physiotherapy and especially from LIFE! kommt zeit kommt riat!




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Week eleven! Insbruck and Budapest !

Normal stuff at work, more and more and more own patients and I think they like my silent physiotherapy and when I speak say some words in German they like me even more 😀

At Tuesday we went to Insbruck with Luitgard and it was fun ! I met there a new friend at hostel and we walked around forests of Insbruck for 5 hours. It was very beautiful for the first two hours and then it became little foggy so we didn’t see the mountains anymore. After walking we found our way back to the city and then it was soon time for me to start driving back to Shiefling.

At Friday my last weekend in Austria started and I got an idea to go spend it in Budapest. So, I booked an shared car from Klagenfurt to Vienna and from Vienna to Budapest. My driver from Vienna to Budapest was 4 hours late so we arrived to my hostel at 3.00am. At the morning I saw my new friend from Insbruck and we started our 25km walk around the city sightseeing. At evening we went to most known bar in Europe but I don’t remember the name now. Next morning we continued sightseeing and at 4 pm I had to start my trip back to Shiefling. Drive from Budapest to Vienna took 1h 45min. I believe he was in a little hurry because all the time we drove 170km/h though you can only drive 130km/h in Hungary.

If you want cheap weekend holiday in Europe: Find driver from Go to Budapest and pay 6-8e per night in Hostel. And at some point find driver from blablacar where you want to continue. From Vienna to budapest shared car costed 10e.


From Hill in Isnbruck                            The freedoms statue Budapest





Budapest from the bell tower of church


Heroes square in Budapest


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Week Ten

What can I say. Tursday was most exiting day when it comes to physiotherapy. We did horse therapy to quadriplegic man. Otherwise it was the worst week of my life so far. Some of you will some day know why, but I´m not gonna tell more of in this blog.


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Week nine!

Start of the week went while working and recharging my batteries from the last week trip. I also started running after three and a half years, I think. Four 30 minutes fairly painless jogging trips in this week. Feeling good !! Thursday I was feeling very tressed and overworked so I went home in the middle of the day. At home I slept from 14:00 to almost 18:00. Yeah I was pretty tired.

Friday afternoon we did some practising for a horsetherapy session that we have next Thursday. It was exiting! Next week I will tell you how the real horsetherapy with a quagriplegic patient goes. Straight from riding I went to Klagenfurt to see a icehockey game with Peter. YES ! We won 4-2! After that Marcus wanted to join us and we went to spend the rest of the evening in the clubs.

You could image that saturday was pretty quiet day. Some cleaning in the house, good food and few beers and very long bath. I also made some cooking from the meat that we got straight from  the farmer at Thursday evening. (now I have over 1kg beef köttbullar in my fridge!!)

At Sunday I did some household stuff and Jouni also visited me and for the first time in Austria I went to a MC’donalds with him 😀 Also went running at Sunday morning, it was perfect and painless 30 minutes.

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Week eight ! Wien–>Barcelona–>Torino–>Venice–>Villach–>Velden :)

Two days at work went very quickly, I now have more patients to work alone and the days are going faster and faster. Monday and Tuesday both were 12h days.

At Tuesday evening I drive us to Vienna in a rainstorm. Here At freeway you can drive 130km/h but I had to drive half of the way only 80km/h becouse it was raining so hard. Challenging weather one could say. Next morning In Vienna I slept late and after that went for a walk in the city. I walked all the sightseeing in the middle of the city and it came to conclusion that Vienna is very beautiful city. At evening I went to a local bar near the house I was staying with my new friend and we drank little more than two rum and cokes xD not too much but still. We had good times about 3 hours.

Thursday morning I took a flight to Barcelona ! When I arrived I stumbled in to a same problem Katri also did. “How the hell do you get out of the barcelona airport”. But 15 minutes later I was already meeting Katri at the Plazza Espanja. Katri had to go to work pretty soon after and I went to grab some kebab and chill out in the apartment. In the evening we went out to eat something and drink one long drinks. At the morning we hopped on to a plane heading to Torino ITALY. So Barcelona now have to wait for four more weeks to meet me again when I go and spend my last week there ! Cya Barcelona !

Torino –> to be continued ( also some pictures will be added)

In Torino it was raining whole time that we spent there. We didn’t specially like the city but the hotel was decent. In our hotel restaurant I ate the best stake that I have ever eaten. At Sunday we did some sightseeing before I had to take a train back to Velden trough Venice and Katri had to go back to Barcelona by plane. In Venice train station I had to wait for  three hours for the night train. No place near the trainstation was open becouse it was Sunday night and of course it was raining all the time. After one hour I met a fellow traveler from India who lived in Oman. We talked about two hours and the time passed very quicly after that. Thank you Vanita maybe I will visit Oman some day !!

Here’s some pictures from Vienna and Torino. Pictures from Barcelona I will add in the last week when I stay there for a longer time!



Torino Trainstation

20160224_122443 20160224_125842 20160224_133001

Vienna central park           Vienna                                  Vienna


Vienna Church of saint something

20160228_115116_HDR 20160228_121211

Torino central square                                        Torino Art place I think

20160228_123415 20160228_133941

Torino view                                                          Torino Church

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Week Seven !

Huuhhhuh. This was a very long week at work. That’s mainly because next week we have three days off. But I learned much and most importantly I still love to go to learn new things everyday even some days are very long and hard.

At this point my journey will start getting some more action ! I or we have made some exiting plans for the future. Next week Tuesday I will drive to Vienna with LG and stay there for couple of days. After Vienna at Thursday I will fly to Barcelona and from Barcelona we will go to Torino with Katri at Friday. From Torino I will travel by train back to Velden and go straight to practice place Monday morning at 5 am.. 🙂 🙂

We also have made some early plans with LG that we will go to Insbruck at March. But those plans are still wide open.

My weekend also was full of action but it didn’t start so furiously. When I got home from work at Friday at 1 pm, I was so tired that I slept almost 4 hours straight. But at Saturday I went to Klagenfurt to see some more local bars with Marcus and I think we had pretty fun evening and night ! “Home at 4 am.”

So when I write next time, It will be about what happened in Vienna, Barcelona and Turin !

Arrivederci ! Adios ! Auf Widersehen !

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Half Way !

This week I have though about the memory line so far. It’s half way already and time is flying faster than I never imagined it would. I have though what would I like to do with the remaining time that I spend here. That has been exellent guestion and I think I will be wondering that for the next week also. But one thing is certain, I will use as much time that I can to have some fun!

If we think about the week, there’s pretty much nothing to tell. Exept at Friday I went to a spa and showed some Finnish Saunaing to Austrians ! Oh boy you all should have seen their faces xD

I still was little bit sick and tried to survive the other days of the week alive. Weekend after Sauna I spend in bed recovering with netflix.


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Week Five!

Story of this week is pretty quickly told. Long hours at work from Monday to Friday. At Thursday I did catch a flu somehow and the weekend has pretty much gone in the bed by watching series and movies. Also tried to cure myself with Rum and whisky but it didn’t help. At practice I got my first “own” patients and I really like to work on my own from time to time.

Meillä oli LG:n kanssa ihan helvetin hauska viikko. Oli niin pitkiä päiviä, että juttujen taso alko aina illasta oleen sitä luokkaa, että välillä naurettiin aivan kippurassa xD Joskus aamullakin jos ei oltu saatu tarpeeksi unta. Heti maanantaina se alko kun LG ei ollut nukkunut yhtään, koska hänen hyvä ystävänsä, joka on eläinlääkäri soitti keskellä yötä LG.tä auttamaan kultasen noutajan sektiossa. Ensimmäistä kertaa moisissa hommissa ollut LG auttoi maailmaan 7 pienenpientä kultaisennoutajan pentua ja vain viimeinen kahdeksas pentu lähti eläinten taivaaseen.

Mutta seuraavan kerran kun näette mua livenä niin kysykäähän Murmelikuninkaista, jotka hallitsee lähipellolla olevien myyrien ja hamstereiden kuningaskuntia xD Sen verran voin spoilata, että läppä jatkui monta päivää ja alkoi siitä kun sanoin, että olisi mukava mennä joku vkl vuorille juomaan kaljaa ja ettimään murmeleita 😀 LG mm. kommentoi “why you are here, you should be a commedian” “Jussi, you do know that you’re not normal”

20160205_144406                               IMG-20160208-WA0001

This is a picture form eldery house here in Austria. They had a festival party when we visited 🙂 notice the 50 km/h mark xD

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Week four!


I have now been here one month already. It feels like the time has been flying faster than ever.

At practice I got my first own patient, she will come work with me two times a week for the remaining 7 weeks. Days at the practice were pretty long at the start of the week and on Wednesday when I went home, I slept almost whole remaining day like from 3 p.m to next morning.

Then the travelling things ! My brother came to visit me (arrived Thursday evening). On Friday morning we went to Nassfeld ski place in southern Alps. We woke up at 5 a.m and hopped on train and started our day. I think the day was one of the best days that I have spent here. Some ski-afterski-ski-afterski and then with buss and train back to home. On Saturday we went to a spa in Villach and did some spa-afterspa-spa-afterspa xD. After that we went to test out the pubs in Villach and it was quite a nice day also.

Laskettelemas selvittiin ilman haavereita, velipoika kaatui kerran ku suksi lähti irti ja ite onnistuin kaatumaan ku tultiin hissista ilman suksia xD Reissu meni kaikin puolin oikeenkin mallikkaasti. Videomateriaalia on reissusta melkosen paljon, ehkä jotkut pääsevät niitä kattelemaan joskus. (tänne blogiin ne ei mahdu).

Lauantain kylpyreissukin sujui ilman ongelmia, Finnish outdoor saunakin löytyi kylpylästä. Illalla kun lähdettiin Villachista kohti kotia niin onnistuin jättämään repun junaan ja sitä nyt sitten metsästetään täälä ! (toivotaan, että löytyy)

Torstaina käytiin myös hakemas lihaa suoraan teurastamolta, alla oleva soppa on tehty siitä lihasta. Sitä lauantaina yölläVillacherin äärellä Villen kans keiteltiin kuutisen tuntia 😀

Kuvassa esittelen myös LG.n nuoremman koiran Perin. Se on meillä aina töissä mukana, nukkuu aina terassilla. (Peri pääsi vuoden vanhana irti ja juoksi mettään ja tappoi kauriin, aivan valtavan kokonen on tsekinpaimenkoira ystäväni xD melkeen tonnin lasku tuli LG.lle kauriin luvattomasta tappamisesta :D:D:D)



Picture from Nassfeld (southern alps)

20160118_160233 20160130_16220820160129_133449

Therapy dog Peri               Villach river                     Me and my brother in Nassfeld


Best soup I have ever made !

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Third week !

Going to bath and will write more after that 😀

One hour later –> That was one way to start this weeks writings 🙂

Lets start recapping this week backwards. On friday I had a day off and I saw my new friends from the university. Before we went to visit like 7 different bars we played Austrian version of Kimble and some ps 3 games and few games of chess (terkkuja pikku-zuusille, monien vuosien harjottelusta huolimatta tukkaan tuli ja lujaa :). Yeah, we had a pretty nice night and rest of the weekend has been little quieter.

At work: we did long days this week also and I started to get a hold of the language and I’m positive that after 3 months I maybe able to learn and understand something :D. Thuesday was different day, I went to visit lympf clinic with my fellow student from Klagenfurt. I needed to wake up at 4:30 and I was home little past 18:00… god damn that was a long day. I basically learned to do manual lympf bandage to a leg and that was it because all other stuff was in wrong language. But overall the day was quite fun and I really liked to get known to other students.

Yeah and I really have these chickens here running around, this one wanted to get know me after I came from biking. I borrowed bike this week and it’s pretty hard to cycle because here’s so much mountains. (very fun to come down) I also stomped to a mark that warned about frogs, I heard that there is some endangered frogs that you shouldn’t ride over with car. There’s also little fences made to them that they can’t jump to roads.



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