Summer is coming, I must prepare myself

I will start with a warning – I’m no writer and this is my very first blog ever. And in English for god’s shake! So if you can’t stand spelling mistakes and ungrammeticals (yes, I googled that word), then this blog will make you rip your hair off and make your eyes bleed. Katja I’m talking to you. Stop it.
So, I’m gonna write about my upcoming exchange semester in Bali, Indonesia. Wohoo! My adventure has already started and at first I came to Pori to see my friend. Tomorrow I’m heading to Helsinki and from there I fly to Bali via Amsterdam and Hongkong. Actually this adventure started months ago. I’m talking about that paper war I had to go through. When at first I was planning to do this exchange and started to find out what I should do and what documents to fill, I was like – this is a piece of cake, no problemo! ….What the F*** was I thinking! There were MILLION thing to do and MILLION papers to fill out. (Maybe I overstate a little. But not much). And I think the whole process was a little bit more challenging than usually, cos’ I had to apply as a freemover. There’s no contracts between the schools. The start was a struggle cos’ I was told that I need to confirm from the receiving institution that it’s okay for them me to apply there and I send them an e-mail couple of times but didin’t get any response. I got a hint to apply through Asia Exchange and that did clear things up!
And in the end there were more struggle and stress cos’ I wasn’t sure if I was getting my visa and passport from the Indonesian embassy from Helsinki in time. The whole visa process started too late due the official acceptance letters were late. Asia Exchange couldn’t send them to us cos’ the problem was in the receiving institutions end. And we couldn’t apply for the visa before we got the official letter. I got mine JUST in time. In Tuesday it arrived in post office and Friday was the absolute dead line for me.
After that I had the last minute get-everything-done-stress. I hadn’t event started packing and I had to leave Sunday! There were my farewell party (Läskijäiset) and hangover day (which were luckily not that bad) and all the goodbyes. And packing of course. I was so stressed that there were no room even to be that excited about the fact that less than week I would be already in that beautiful place. Actually whole this time and still right now this whole thing feels so surreal. Am I really going? I think so! (Why I hear that in my head like Joey Tribbiani says it?)


My sister draw me fingerfriends (sormikaverit). They represent Rin and Raito :3

I don’t know how to link this next subject that it would seem even a little bit logical, but on the other hand, if this blog was consistent and all that- it wouldn’t be mine or represent me. Because I’m a mess. (Just kidding! But not really). Anyhow! About the name of this blog. That was one more thing I left in the last minute. I hesitated so much cos’ I wanted to came up with a perfect name which would be interesting and describe the content of my writings. I’m not sure if I accomplished that but still I’m happy with the name I chose. I was thinking also “Winter isn’t coming” (if you get it, me approves) or “I’m sure there’s no snow”. And some good ones my sister suggested: “These boots are made for walking”, “Finally getting the tan I always wanted”, “Getting tan and other stories” and so on. Maybe I will use those later. And there’s this song called “Pocketful of sunshine” which is kinda cute, but I’ll let you decide.

This post is not the best of me and I’m too overwhelmed and stressed to concentrate, so I try to do better next time. Oh and why I’m writing this? Because I have to! I had to choose either write a blog or write a report. Obviously I chose blog cos’ all the reports are bursting from my ears. I get a cancer even hearing that word. But wish me luck and may the Force be with you!




Posted September 5, 2015 at 22:12

Oho sori olis pitäny lukea nää postaukset oikeessa järjestyksessä niin olisin nähny ton… varoituksen ennen kuin kommentoin tota uudempaa postia… hups 😀 mut pakko sanoo, “voi jumalan pirtelö!”?!? :’D blogin nimi on oikeen hieno, pukee sinua kuin silmätulehdus jouluaattona. <3

Anniina Haapalainen
Posted October 6, 2015 at 17:06

Jumalan pirtelö!? :”DDD olipas tuokin kyllä nyt vertauskuva mutta niinkai se on x)