What is happening here in Kosovo

We have been here in Kosovo for one month now. We have had time to visit a couple of different cities and countries while we have been here. Because Kosovo is not that big country what comes surface area it is easy to travel neighbor countries for example by car. I am here with my schoolmate Matilda and if you want more information about Kosovo you can also go check her blog from the subject


Kosovo got its independence from Serbia 17th of February 2008 and 102 United nations ally countries have recognized its independence among some other countries.  Although there is a lot of families with little children and the age structure is very young. The average income in Kosovo is not very high and sometimes it hard to find jobs. For that reason, there is lot of Albanians from Kosovo working abroad.

The cafe culture is very lively here and it is not unusual that people here spend several hours drinking macchiatos and smoking cigarettes while they socialize with each other. Also, the food is cheap compared to Finland and there is a lot of good restaurants to go to. Kosovan food has got influences from the other countries in the Balkan area and there is a lot of delicious things to experience what comes to food, for example, they have a lot of different kind of peppers and vegetables because of continental climate but also dairy products and meat are an important part of Kosovan cuisine.

What comes to nightlife and partying it is a bit different compared to Finland. People are going to nightlife and having fun but you can´t see any drunken people here in the streets. The reasons for this are cultural. Kosovo is a Muslim country and also because of that, it is not suitable to be drunk in public. Still, people seem to have fun and they are really outgoing.

Kosovan people are always very polite and as a foreigner, it is easy to just go and talk to them. When you are walking around the city you can notice that people here are also very aware of their appearance and they are very stylish. Here are lots of quite good clothing stores and the prices are cheaper than in Finland so I have also become a little bit of a shopaholic my self.