Life in Kosovo

A lot of has happened since we came here in Kosovo. At the beginning of the trip, there were elections that were described to be almost revolutionary because the old so-called war parties were had to step aside and the new opposition party took over. People herein Kosovo where pretty fed-up with the old parties and the people I talked with were pretty happy about the change that has happened. Someone also warned us not to go outside on the election day because it could be dangerous but the day seemed peaceful to me.


Me at the library in Kosovo which is also called the world`s ugliest building.

Pristina is the capital city of Kosovo and according to the latest census, there is living about 200 000 people. They are building all the time new buildings but it can be seen that the level of construction work is not the same as in Finland. Also, apparently, they haven`t done so much city planning either and there are also unfinished buildings here and there. In front of our university, there is a motorway which you just have crossed if you want to get to a big shopping center where students and teachers used to go eat during the school day because there are no pedestrian roads. The city center is although very nice place with all the cafe places and cheap restaurants. There is a lot of colourfull street art that you get to admire in Kosovo.


Our friend and personal guide was very friendly with the dogs.
Our friend and personal guide Arli were very friendly with the dogs.

People are also very friendly here and if go to visit someone they are very hospitable. Also, people seem to have very good manners and they dress well especially when they go out to the city center. This was also one thing that I tried to copy from them. One funny thing that we also ran in to was the street dogs running wild in the city and there were quite many of them. Dogs were also vaccinated by the local organization and they seem to do very well.