Other training places and scheduling in Kosovo

In Kosovo, the attitude that comes to schedules and planning things is a bit different than what I have used to in Finland. Timetables can change many times during the day and it is not so dangerous if something does not happen right away. Some people might like that kind of attitude and there could be also something good in that kind of thinking but also it can be a very frustrating time to time especially if you have your own tasks to do. Either way, after the specific amount of arrangments needed in Kosovo to get things done we had enough hours needed from internships, lectures and study visits.

After the first internship place, we were supposed to go next place called down syndrome for two weeks but of course, because of the average amount of adjustments are made in Kosovo we were there only one day. Luckily we got to another internship place called Handikos which was a very good experience because we got to some home visits also. It was the eyes opening experience to see how locals are living. The Standard of living is not as high as in Finland. It can be very hard if you are disabled to work for example because of an injury or you have some other problems. There is a need for laws to protect basic human rights. Also, there is no free health care or education like in Finland but you can get the insurance that covers your basic health care. Also, corruption is a big problem in Kosovo and some things that we take for granted in Finland for example what comes to education could be a whole different thing in Kosovo. Those are some of the reasons why it is so important there is this kind of place that Handikos is for children and disabled people. Handikos is an “association for paraplegics and paralyzed children of Kosova”. Handikos is funded by the European union among some other associations and projects. Although there was also a lot of people from different age groups and with different kind of disabilities, diagnoses, and problems. Handikos provides also adaptive equipment to people. A wheelchair is one of these.

Adjustments made in Handikos.