The first training place we went in Kosovo



The first training place we were was Labyrinth. The labyrinth is a 2002 founded Non-governmental organization that gives methadone substitution treatment to customers who has an opioid addiction. It also provides help and treatment to customers who have problems with alcohol or other drugs. They also do harm reduction by giving clean needles and doing free testing for transmitting diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.  They are also trying to give information about the hazards of drug-using. The executive director and founder of the place told that he is worried also about the younger generation that is doing or might start doing drugs. Labyrinths activity is funded by the European Union and it is also the recipient of a grant from the global HIV fund in Kosovo. HIV prevention program is apparently working because the director of the labyrinth told also that they don´t have any HIV cases at the moment.

They have three offices in different cities but only in the pristine office, they give methadone straight to the customer from the place. In the other two, patients get the methadone from the hospital.

In Labyrinth, there is working a nurse, social worker, psychologist,

Clients go there to get their daily dose and there is space where they can hang out and talk to each other. The place looks pretty rough from the inside and outside. We have also been talking to clients every time we went there and also played tumbling towers and some card games with them. It is been an experience in itself and heard also stories of their lives there.

We also visited in Prizren where one of the Labyrits clinics is located. The clinic seemed pretty nice because it was in a newer house. They welcomed us there very well and one of the staff members showed us places in the city. Turned out that the guy from the office is also working in the little local theatre and we went to see that also. Every year there is held an international Documentary and short film festival called Dokufest in Prizren.

Here is a picture from Labyrinth of three Finnish and the leader of the place.