Sydän rinnassa, reppu selässä

Exchange in Hong Kong

The first weeks in pictures


Okay, so here we go…

Happened in August 2016:

Me: “I’ve been thinking about applying to study abroad.”

International Coordinator: “Have you thought about where would you like to go?”

Me: “Well not any specific.. But AS FAR AS POSSIBLE!”

International Coordinator: “How does Hong Kong sound like?”

Me: “Perfect!”


And here we are now. Exactly one month from now I’ll be starting my spring semester in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Yaaaiiks! I will be writing this blog during my stay and I hope this blog will provide you information about the application process and arrangements before and during the exchange period. So I hope you enjoy my blog and don’t mind my bad spelling or my bad humor, hah!

I have traveled since my childhood because my parents used to take me and my siblings all around Europe with them. And because of that I feel travelling is in my blood. I backpacked Asia for three months when I was 19 and it left a big hole in my heart because I fell in love with asian culture and the people there. Now I  still can’t believe that I’m going back and I’m going to live in Hong Kong for half a year! I’m hoping my time in Asia is going to include wonderful people, lots of travelling and huge amounts of tasty food.

Of course this autumn has been quite crazy because I’ve been bustling with my courses and all the arrangements I needed to do before the exchange. I can tell you it demands a loooooot of paper work when you apply to study abroad. Sending papers here and there and asking signings here and there. But when you get through it, it’s easier from there. I would say that to-do-list was my savior. After finishing my paper work I needed to wait for one month to hear from Hong Kong and their approval. And goaaash it felt good to hear I was accepted in!

After hearing from my acceptance that’s when all the fun arrangements began. I booked my flights, and got straight flights from Helsinki to Hong Kong for a really good price (thanks to Finnair – no advertising what so ever). I called my insurance company and they offered me a travel insurance that covers my whole time in Hong Kong. I got several emails from Hong Kong and those included good information about the accommodation service, subject registration and other pre-arrival matters. I had sent all materials needed for the Student Visa, such as filled Visa form and the right sized pictures, to Hong Kong PolyU already in the application process. They handled my Visa application there and they will send my Student Visa to me in a letter after it is approved in Hong Kong Immigration Department.


Now it is just making some small pre-departure arrangements and on 11th of January this girl is high in the air heading towards HONG KONG!