Getting known to Rising Sun

Business student from Finland sets into a journey to Japan

Less than a week for departure, getting my things together

After incredible mess to get my Visa, plus other problems that would affect my time in Japan ( I lost my glasses on my last trip to Helsinki, had to get new ones -_-), I think I FINALLY have everything in order. I’ve started to pack my things, got yens from bank yesterday, and even bought a ton of salmiakki and moomin-candies for my to-be Japanese friends, because giving small gifts for your friends is a custom in Japan.

PS: Do I hear beach calling me? Oh yes I think I DO!

PPS: If someone is interested of retro gaming, I really recommend this guys blog, as he tells about his life in Fukuoka, trying to collect every single famicom game ever made.

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Hot, so hot, in so many ways

I don’t know what will kill me first, this heat from the weather or the edginess I’m feeling from the oncoming departure date. I really do hope that I have everything in order, but there’s still that devil sitting on my shoulder whispering, that I’ll forget to do or buy something important. Just in case I’ll go and check out what kind of travel insurance offers insurance companies could have for me, in case of a bigger accident.

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More forms to fill and random mumbling

Just when i thought, that I wouldn’t need to fill any more forms, a few more comes up. Application process in itself contained a ton of paper starting from basic personal information and Japanese experience, and ending with quite through medical examination ( chest x-ray to check out tuberculosis?!?).  And still I had to fill out applications for on-campus housing and Certificate of Eligibility, which will give me a CHANCE to apply for visa. Oh well, I guess it’s all worth it in the end -_-.

Here is also a few links (wikipedia, duh) in which you can check out some basic information about Japan and Fukuoka.

PS: already bought a new backpack for my journey from varusteleka.

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Finally, an answer!

It finally came!  Last Friday, a vice administrative manager from my target university sent a confirmative message, that I’ve been approved as an exchange student into Seinan Gakuin university, Fukuoka, Japan. After months of waiting and worrying, a wave of relief struck over me.  The feeling was quite incredible, to say the least. Years it has been my dream to make a visit into Japan, and  now it is going to happen, in a big way! At least four months I have a possibility to study the language and culture on-the-spot, not forgetting all the people I will meet and friends I will make. Hopefully I can mediate some of the things I will see, hear, taste and feel during my time in Fukuoka, and also a bit before and after I get there.

*getting my Japanese text books out*

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