Don’t waste your time or time will waste you

I thought that it would be quite easy to update the blog daily but it`s so hard when you want to see all things in Shanghai and don`t want to miss happenings. But I really try to uppgrade my blogging habits now!

In this week weatP3260113her has been quite warm on daytime and flowers have start to blossom. It`s a spring! It`s funny to see how much energy you will get when the sun shines and you start to dress up more lightly. I have been so happy on this week. I really am glad that I am here! Some Finns have started to ask the question what you miss about Finland and complain quite much almost about everything. I am so proud of myself how well I have managed allthough I am picky concerning food, company, toilets and sleeping places I have to admid! Maybe I am coming to be more and more grown up (?) Hopefully… Now when I started to talk about what things I am proud  and happy about I have to tell that I found new set-ups on camera! Taddatadaa! I thought my new camera was bad but flaw was probadly in the user! I am so bad with everything that is technical… But there is just one way to go up and learn more! So my pictures are not YET perfect but I let you enjoy my photographing education.

Inside JianMao Tower

Inside JinMao Tower

In the end I think I have to put list about things what I miss (just a little bit…)

* of course family and the dearest friends

* clean water and fresh air

* Dad`s food and dark bread (limppu)

* and so bad I miss dry apple cider (or any cider!) It unfear for all the girls (or for a girl who drinks almost only dry apple cider) that they sell beer and strong booze in every shop and bars but NO CIDERS!!! Luckily Lonely Planet`s Shanghai city guide tells that there is some pub who sells that! I have too check the place on next week because i need my cider…

Okey that`s all for now! Hopefully you will get my moans and as you can see I have managed quite well in Shanghai, the Republic of China.


This funny building with three baubles is more fancier in the evenings with all glinting lights

The tallest building in Shanghai

Very big building! It has said that the best view of the city is from deck 88 (almost 500 meters). There it is really seen how big this city is.