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(NOT) Picky me…

Happy or sad face?

Happy or sad face? This sign is on every restaurant in Shanghai ( but I have doupt that there is`nt corruption on who gets good results from food inspections)

After one week I noticed that how picky I really am concerning what I eat. At home I am used to eat really good meat (without bones, well cooked, no strings and preferring beef, lamb or chicken). Couple times in here Shanghai I had to endure with my stringed and bony meat in order to not be impolite. Chinese people use all parts of meat  when they co

ok in the most restaurants which is quite clever I have to admit. Many people in the whole world would be grateful of piece of meat. So pickiness is not allowed from the European girl!

And what an international student buys from food market? -Off course, mainly international known products. Today I bought for example Nestlé’s water, Haribo`s candy, Lipton`s tea, Pringles, Kinder`s chocolate, Ferrero`s yummy candy and fruits that I know already. I have to improve my buying habits and try more Chinese products but it is so difficult when everything is written in a Chinese character but maybe I just have to be daring (little by little…)!

Price level at restaurants in here Shanghai is quite same than in Finland if you are not eating at Chinese restaurants (without English menu). I was bold with Emma and tried to order beef, chicken and rice in Chinese restaurant (where was spoken only Chinese) quite successfully. Thank for Lonely Planet`s help! In the back of Shanghai`s city guide is helpful language section. However, we didn`t eat the chicken because it was quite red from inside… But beef was very good and cheap!

List of unusual things what I have eaten or drank after one week in China (I am proud of these so no laughing)

-different kind of mushrooms and cooked vegetables

– Octopus  (We finished eating when we found octopus` head)

– Coffee (I never drink coffee in Finland)

– Shandy (beer and Sprite) and Chinese beer (just practicing…)

– Rice wine (not good… I think that taste something alike kilju)

– Oyster

– Sake

In Japanese restaurant

The best place where I have eated! The chef makes food in front of you. It is really cool show.