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My exchange semester in Thailand, Phuket.

Kathu hoods

So THE place Im staying is island called Phuket, if anybody didn’t got that already.

Facts about Phuket:

-the biggest island of Thailand

-main income comes from tourism (very popular sextoursim place among the westerns)

-busride to Bangkok(the capital of Thailand) takes about 13 hours, but it goes fast in a nice spaceful nightbus and the ride cost only about 20€.. If you are in a hurry, a flight takes only couple of hours and arent that expensive either.

Well, my home is in the middle of the island, a place called Kathu. Here’s not too much tourist. Mainly locals and students and that makes the place cozy. Near by is a big shopping centre Central Festival, where I have spent WAY too much money and there are many nice cheap restaurants. One we call a fishplace where you can have the tastiest steamed lemon fish with spicy somtam (papya salad), The Cafe is popular lunch place among international students and Number 8 serves the best green curry I have ever tasted.

Also there is a lake near by where lots of people go for a run in the afternoon when it’s not too hot (yeah, still about +30 degrees :D). The spirit of the lake is great. If you go there for a run, everyone is smiling and cheering for you. Especially when you feel exhausted and youre only half way and then you see another person who says to you “come one, you can do it!”. Its just great and gives you the extra boost what you needed. I love this place!

But here you have to have a scooter to go around. There are no walking streets (or at least proper ones) and shopping is impossible, because the grocery stores are 5min scooter ride away. Having a scooter is a MUST, but I like to have one. It gives freedom and you can visit beaches and it is SO cheap. I pay 50€/ a month and full tank of gasoline cost about 3€. Patong beach is 10min ride away and Phuket town about the same.

I have my own studio apartment here. Its located next to university and its also a new building so I have a gym and pool here too! Awesomness. Rental prices are a bit higher in Kathu, because of the exchange students, but compare to Finland is cheaper. Thoug, electricity and internet are weirdly quite expensive to compare normal expenses here.


Jogging at the lake. +33 degrees and I'm still alive!

Jogging at the lake. +33 degrees and I’m still alive!


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