Same same but different

My exchange semester in Thailand, Phuket.

Prince of Songkla University- the place to be

So I came here to study…or at least that’s what I’m telling everyone…

From Monday till Wednesday I put my uniform on and open my mind for the new things I can learn. I also need to put on thailish- mode on so I can TRY to understand what the teachers are saying in the front of the classroom. They like to use microphone, which Im not used to, neither I’m not allow to question what they’re teaching. Their powerpoints are full of text (which some of our JAMK teachers wouldn’t allow) and most of the classes go through playing candy crash, because they don’t activate the students. Nobody cannot listen 3 hours straight. Well okey, there’s 15 min break in between but…Teaching methods are very different from what I’m used to back in Finland. Especially, here the attendance is 80%, which means you can miss the class only 2 times…Very not used to…

But Im lucky, because most of the week I’m off and able to discover the island. Here’s my timetable:

On Monday mornings I have Marketing for the tourism industry, which I find very interesting, but the teacher is not good. She knows what she’s talking about, but cannot make it in practical neither speak good english.

In the afternoon I have my favourite class: Convention and event management. Topic is very interesting and the teacher has been studying in Europe so her english is very good and methods of teaching are great! She likes to make group discussions and she let us disagree with her,but only if we make a point πŸ˜‰ I also like to see the viewpoint of thais too, but they are very shy to tell their opinion because they’re so afraid to be wrong.

On Tuesdays I have only morning lessons: Intercultural communication. Topic could be very interesting and you could get a lot out of it for the future, but it is ruined by a new teacher who has not even qualified as a teacher. I feel so sorry for the thais.

Wednesday is my favorite day, because in the morning I have Fundamental thai and I love learning new languages and second of all the weekend starts! Thai language is quite hard to learn, because there are 5 different tones and not very easy to hear the difference. But our teacher is a star and has made the learning easy and fun for us.

Here you can learn numbers 1-10 πŸ˜‰


The campus area is very lively, because many students live there and they have hobbies till late in the evening. Sometimes me and my friend are going to walk around the campus and see what the local students are doing. The buildings are old, but the area is big, green and functional.

Thai students are working hard for their degree First of all, all the lessons are in english and I can assure you they are not even close our level so most of the time they’re googling or translating all the tasks, etc. which takes more time. Second of all, they have classes from Monday till Saturday from morning till afternoon plus all the hobbies and tasks what they need to do on their freetime. They also need to pass the test in one time or they need to do the whole class again. At least we can do it 3 times in JAMK πŸ˜› And they have exams twice a semester: midterms in the middle and finals. Crazy, i must say… Feeling very lucky that I study in Finland. But in the other hand, two exams splits the study area in half so you dont need to study whole book for the final exam.

Methods and equipments are quite old school, but that’s what I expected. All the reports and tasks have to give back as papers (not like we return in Optima). The most bad thing is that the students dont get feedback so actually, they cannot improve their skills. That’s the worst thing.

Also, group work with thais is sometimes SUPER hard and these are the reasons: 1. Language barrier 2. It takes a long time to understand the givenΒ  assingment. 3. Brainstorming is totally new for them. 4. The idea what we should complete is from another planet. 5. They do everything in a last minute.Β Β Β  But somehow it all works out or you do everything by yourself that it looks decent enough to return.


But anyways, I secretly enjoy the easiness of the classes, uniforms so we’re all equal, no matter of your backround and overall campuslife with coffeebreaks in cafeterias πŸ™‚ I like it here…..for one semester.

Campus main building with german Nicky :)

Campus main building with german Nicky πŸ™‚


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