Same same but different

My exchange semester in Thailand, Phuket.

Famous last words

So all good comes to an end in one point, even my stay here in amazing Thailand. I have experienced a lot and learnt things about myself and changed a bit my worldview. Studying in so different environment than home can open your eyes and you start to appreciate things in your own homecountry. Finland’s school system is very functional and education is free for us. Sometimes you forget these things because they come to you granted.

What I learnt is that I don’t always need to say my opinion outloud, because you get easier way in the end and other people get more attention. I’m underlining word always. Of course you need to have own opinions and sometimes say them to take part of discussion, but not always.  Also I have learnt to be more calm and having this “sabai sabai”-attitude. First time in many years, I was totally stressfree, because I didn’t have to work at the same time and I could just consentrate to study and enjoy my time here.

What I really like about Thailand is the people, because they’re usually smiling, happy and helpful. Even you never know what’s behind that smile 😉 After tsunami, they had to re-build everything again and start fresh, even they had lost everything and some even familymembers. Still they’re smiling!

But the most I’ll miss is food! After 5 months of eating thaifood, I can take another five. I love the spiciness, freshness of the ingredients and variety. Eating in restaurants is actually cheaper than buying from supermarkets.


Anyways, back to school topic: I pass all my courses with honor and got good grades actually. Final exam week was very stressful for thais, but I was lucky and had only two exams: marketing and even management. Thai exam which included oral and written, we had week earlier. I’m gonna miss our language teacher. Her jokes and always being happy made me feel good too. Every class I left smiling. In intercultural communication our final exam was a big report about everything what we learned during the semester. The topic was very interesting: what cultural differences India, UK and China could experience in business life. My group included me and four thais so I was a bit struggling with communication, but in the end, we made it and got a good score too,yey!

After my exchange semester it is going to be hard to get back in JAMK and back to “real” studying with exact reporting orders, etc. But I kinda miss it too…AND OF COURSE MY SCHOOL MATES AND STUDEN PARTIES!

All I can say is thank you Thailand and all the people I met during my exchange semester! My adventures will continue in Greece with an internship…

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