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My exchange semester in Thailand, Phuket.

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Famous last words

So all good comes to an end in one point, even my stay here in amazing Thailand. I have experienced a lot and learnt things about myself and changed a bit my worldview. Studying in so different environment than home can open your eyes and you start to appreciate things in your own homecountry. Finland’s […]

T for a travel!

So I visit this beautiful country..Of course I need to travel a bit round. Koh Racha Near by Phuket in the south is a very nice little island called Racha, where snorkkeling is a must. Me and my friend booked a daytrip there and Coral Island. Well the boats were full of chinese (not my […]

Lock and load…

It’s time for Songkran aka waterfestival! Songkran is celebration of buddhist new year and it always takes a place in April for three days 13th till 15th. Then everybody take buckets, waterguns, hoses or what ever and pour water on everyone. Then whole Thailand is sinking. That tradition symbolizes washing all the sins and bad […]

Buddy Program and Homestay in Phananga

In PSU they offer us a great opportunity to get deeper in thai culture with Buddy program. All the international students who want, can have a thai student as their buddy for whole semester. They help you to understand more about their own culture and habits and of course if we have any difficulties in […]

Prince of Songkla University- the place to be

So I came here to study…or at least that’s what I’m telling everyone… From Monday till Wednesday I put my uniform on and open my mind for the new things I can learn. I also need to put on thailish- mode on so I can TRY to understand what the teachers are saying in the […]

Kathu hoods

So THE place Im staying is island called Phuket, if anybody didn’t got that already. Facts about Phuket: -the biggest island of Thailand -main income comes from tourism (very popular sextoursim place among the westerns) -busride to Bangkok(the capital of Thailand) takes about 13 hours, but it goes fast in a nice spaceful nightbus and […]

Asia Center Foundation, Surf House and day trip to Phi Phi

14.1.2015 whole bunch of exchange students made a visit at charity Asia Center Foundation. They offer different programs ( more info here: ) for kids who don’t have a possibility to have an education otherwise. We visited a preschool/ primary school in Phuket, where Asia Exchange & PSU donated some money. We also took a […]

Orientation week

So the school started 5.1 (have been busy :P) with a orientation week. On Monday 8 am sharp I was standing in PSU Lodge feeling nervous. There was a loads of other Finns, handful of Germans, couple of Sweds and the minority were presented by USA, Czech Republic and Philippine. If I forgot a nationality, […]

Let’s get started…

I know I’m a bit late to write my first post, but better now than never! This blog is going to include massive amount of spelling mistakes, cruel truth about my exchange semester and bad writing. I’m not a blogger. You have been warned so no complains allowed. And why I’m writing in english? They made me […]