So… Here I am. In the land of windmills, wooden shoes, tulips and cheese. I’m not much of a writer I think but nevertheless I decided to share my time here as an exchange student in this manner. Because of jamk I will write in english.

Leaving abroad alone for the first time in my life has definitely been a challenge for me. I’m learning new things about myself all the time – not all of which are nesessarily pleasant. The stress of a new situation like this makes me see my own vulnerability and insecurity. However, this place feels like home more and more every day, so things are quite allright in that sense. 🙂

Arnhem I would describe with one word – cute. My apartment is in the center of Arnhem, very close to pedestrian streets and stores. And this appartment really was a gift from God you have no idea! I’ve realized after settling in how great this place in fact is. Choosing a place to live by pictures only can be quite a gamble. But I was very fortunate indeed.

The first weekend I was here, there was a free culture event in the city. I was able to see Wende & Het Gelders Orkest live and it was very impressive. No I didn’t know who they were either but basicly it was a symphony orchestra who played pop music. I liked it very much.

My school hasn’t fully started yet. We had an introduction day and a day of music and health. As you can see from the program that it was quite wide in terms of what we dealth with.


But next week I will have my first drum lesson! I’m very mych looking forward to that. I have two drum teachers here, René Creemers and Etienne Nillesen. Here’s René https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTLcpIFNzks

In general my school ArtEZ seems very interesting. It’s very multidisclipinary with own departmens for fine art, fashion, design, music, theatre, dance and more..


There’s a nice park in the city

 But anyway.. Looking forward to see the things I will learn this fall. In case you want to send me sms, here’s my dutch number: +316 45 203 336. But facebook is probably the best way. 🙂



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Sirkku Chambers
Posted 7.9.2014 at 11.56

Moi Sarppa! Nähtiin taas iskä ja äiti Kujala Kajjaanis. 😀 Nyt Onnibussiss 8 h matkalla pk-seudulle. Nice to read about your Dutch life! Enjoy! Sirkku

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