Okay… Getting the hang of how to live here I guess. I’ve got a bike now (which was a lot more important to many dutch people than me). And also, I’m learning how to survive with a small lunch aka sandwiches. I’m also very good at pretending like I understood dutch, at least at the grocery store. I already know the questions they will ask me, and I know how to anwer no, ”nee” and thank you, ”dank u wel”.  There are times though when I need to apologise I don’t speak dutch. But for some reason, even if just for a small conversation, it’s nice to feel as if you new how to behave and blend in.

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks getting to know the school and trying to get my routines running. Since I’m hoping to graduate this Christmas I don’t have that many credit points to use here. I’ve done almost everything. Also some of the courses I wanted to take here are not happening after all because not enough people chose them. So that’s a bummer. All of this means that I’ve got a lot of free time. So I thought seeking new hobbies would be in order. I already took a pilates class. 🙂

At school I’m focusing on latin ensamble, impro ensamble and drum lessons. Trying to work on my improvisation and soloing skills this fall. Not the easiest job i guess..

For me, wherever I live my life, it’s important to find some other christians. So I went to this church I found online and was happy to find some wonderful people there. Also last sunday I met a great couple I knew through some friends and they took me to a nice national park. It was a huge park with some museums and of course bicycles! We had a lovely day together.

Cycling with Marjo and Arjen




Also this weekend there is the 70th anniversary of the battle of Arnhem.

Jee auto

Eusibius church, right next to my apartment


Sirkku Chambers
Posted 21.9.2014 at 19.32

Hauskaa nähdä kuvissa Arjen ja Marjo….! 😀

Juho Suortti
Posted 4.10.2014 at 13.11

Hyvä Sarppa! Nauti olostasi. Kivoja kuvia. Lokakuussa ei postauksia. Ehkä marraskuussa kaksi? 🙂

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