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Is this your first time here?

I have to admit I’m lazy writing posts here. But I guess I could try to be more active by keeping these short but regular. Well, thy were not exactly long before but.. We’ll see how that goes.

A week ago I was able to go see the beach on the west side of the country. A friend asked me to come jam with them and I really enjoyed the sun and music there. As you can see the setup was quite extraordinary! I’m suggesting the guys at Twister should try this in the future.. Jaakko? Ville?

The name of the band is Rolling Beat Machine, you should check them out.

Trying to keep up with the guys

Trying to keep up with the guys


It was hard to believe it was 28th of September. It felt like July in Finland.

I started to take some percussion lessons as well. Not much can happen in a few weeks but maybe it helps me to find my inner latino. Like in here… Panamena

Many friends have tried to take me to the gym over the years. Non of them have succeeded. I guess the only person who can do that is me. And here it seemed like something finally clicked in my brain for me to go and sign up. Now, I really wish someone had taken a video from me trying to do Pilates in dutch or desperately seekin the muscles in my hips in zumba. Of cource I took a place in front of the instructor so I could really see the moves. Didn’t think she would therefore see mine! ”Is this your first time??” 😀 No, why did you think that?