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Ich gehe doch nach hause…

Spending most of my time with germans in case you were wondering… Christmas is almost there. Which means the time has come for me to say goodbye to Arnhem. For some reason the past month felt really long. Don’t get me wrong, there were many really nice moments there. But I guess for some ridiculous […]

Project week

Last week we had a project week in school. That means that there was a band called Now vs Now giving work shops and we would play some of their songs as well. Three days of intensive practising that is. It was quite a lot of work but I enjoyed it. Sometimes these intensive courses […]

October’s storm (that’s a great song from The Reign Of Kindo btw)

The past month has been about computer melt downs (it has happened three times now), finnish visitors, going to see some gigs and making friends. So even though my hardrive died and I lost some of my thesis with it, I think the over all feeling of this month was very good. But I do […]

Is this your first time here?

I have to admit I’m lazy writing posts here. But I guess I could try to be more active by keeping these short but regular. Well, thy were not exactly long before but.. We’ll see how that goes. A week ago I was able to go see the beach on the west side of the […]


Okay… Getting the hang of how to live here I guess. I’ve got a bike now (which was a lot more important to many dutch people than me). And also, I’m learning how to survive with a small lunch aka sandwiches. I’m also very good at pretending like I understood dutch, at least at the […]


So… Here I am. In the land of windmills, wooden shoes, tulips and cheese. I’m not much of a writer I think but nevertheless I decided to share my time here as an exchange student in this manner. Because of jamk I will write in english. Leaving abroad alone for the first time in my […]