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Exchange semester in Victoria University, Melbourne

Cairns & Sydney



Now we are at this point that today is the last full day for me in Australia. I am back to Melbourne from my travelling tour around Australia. My flight leaves tomorrow around 3 pm from Melbourne Tullamarine heading towards Bangkok, Thailand.

What comes to studies, I have managed to get all the documents that I need and I have “returned” my exchange blog to Asio. Now I am waiting that international department accept it that I can return all other documents and get this thing out of my hands.

My feelings are overall a little bit miscellaneous. I excited to come back to Finland, meet my family, relatives and friends and be back at home. On the other hand I will miss my friends that I get to know and spend a lot of time during the past half year. Also, weather is quite good at the moment, which doesn’t make leaving any easier.


Next I am going to open my time in Cairns and Sydney. We headed next to Cairns, Queensland where the weather was really good, it was not that humid as in Darwin, so you are not sweating all the time. Our stay in Cairns last six days. We had Airbnb accommodation app. 2km from the city center. We rented bicycles, which made going to city and back very handy and fast. Cairns is relaxed city app. same size as Jyväskylä. We made a one day snorkeling trip to Great Barrier Reef (Outer reefs), which was really great and the environment there is quite unique. Although, we managed to do a lot in these six days, we were chilling a lot in city lagoon. Same as in Darwin, you cannot go to swim in to sea, at least not this time of the year, because of crocodiles and jellyfishes. Overall, Cairns is really preconception of Australia, the weather is really nice and people are chill. Like the whole East Coast, Cairns was popular among backpackers.


After six days in Cairns we flied to Sydney. Flying is the most easiest and probably cheapest way to travel inside Australia. There are no trains except one from Adelaide to Darwin, which cost insane amount of money. Buss on the other hand are as expensive as flying, except if you would like to do East Coast travelling by Greyhound (hop on-hop off style). Like in past cities, our accommodation was in Airbnb close to Bronte Beach. Days went by different beaches; Manly, Bondi & Bronte. Strolling in city, seeing the famous Opera house, walking across Sydney bridge. Surprisingly in Sydney I witnessed a lot of Australians wildlife. In our accommodation were huntsman spiders (not dangerous, but quite big compared to Finnish ones) and one big bad black spider (most likely very venomous). Also, blue bottle jellyfish burned me on shoulder, but that was not too bad. Just couple hours little bit burning and that’s it.

After six days in Sydney, I flew by myself to Melbourne, where I have now stayed one night with my friends in Unilodge. As I said earlier tomorrow I fly to Bangkok and then in couple days back to Finland.

Here was a little summary of my travels. I am more than happy to tell about my experiences in Australia, if you have anything on your mind. Once again, I strongly recommend to go overseas and experience new things while you are young and do not have to much strings attached.

Adios amigos!

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Travelling before coming home

Hellou my dear readers!

In a nutshell, University is finished and my rent deal came to an end with Unilodge. At the moment, I am in Cairns, Queensland travelling all over Australia before flying back to Bangkok and finally to Finland.

When I wrote last time, I haven’t got yet my results, but now I have them. To refresh memory, I did 4 units (all worth of 7,5ECTS = Overall 30ECTS). I got two HD, D and C. HD is the best grade (5), D the second (4) and C (3) the third. I would have deserved the second D of this unit that I got C, but the it went how it went. I told the story in my last post.

All the units are passed and it’s time to celebrate, relax and explore Australia! The weather is starting to be hot in all around Australia. The last week in Unilodge was really sad (haikea). People who you have been living the past half of year was leaving and you may not see them ever again. However, I was keen to take my next step in chapter and start my joyrney to Darwin, which is a totally different city compared to Melbourne. That was also the point when we selected these cities to visit. To see different parts of Australia. After my journey in Australia, I have seen and explored the following states of Australia: Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. The states that I unfortunately did not visit this time are: South Australia, Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory (Canberra).

Back to Darwin. We stayed in Darwin from Friday to Monday. The weather in Darwin was really hot and humid. The wet season was start about to start there. Darwin is a quite small city, population of app. 145 000 people. Also, you will see a lot of Aboriginal people in here (maybe half of the people in Darwin), which you do not see in Melbourne.

During our stay in Darwin, we explored the Darwin city center, went to Crocosaurus cove, which is just in the center of the city and did a trip to Litchfield National Park.

Darwin and the Northern Territory is the place where are every dangerous and deadly animal you can imagine. For example, it is not safe to go swim in a sea, there are jelly fishes and crocodiles. Also, in this area are the most venomous snakes and spiders of the world, so I would not recommend to go for a walk into a bushes if you do not know what you are doing.

In Crocosaurus cove the coolest things were to feed crocodiles and swim next to them (glass between you and croc). Feeding happened like you would do fishing, you had a rod were was a piece of meat and you could lure croc and finally it attacked and took the meat. There was a possibility to do this “Cage of death” thing were you are putted in a plastic cage to water where is huge crocodile. However, this was quite expensive and we did not do that. While we were visiting there, we realized that we did the right choice. The crocs were not into attacking or scaring people. They have done it hundres of times and they have realized that they cannot get into that reinforced plastic cage. This means that the workers there had to poke with a stick that they would be more aggressive and would be interested about the person in their territory – not that cool in my opinion.

Trip to Litchfield National Park was absolutely worth it! Although the weather this day was a bit rainy, the temperature was still quite high and we were definitely not freezing. We visited three different places; two different waterfalls and one place were was pools withing the creek. Places were totally different that I have visited earlier and it was a great experience. In this small lakes or creeks were a lot of life. They were full of fishes, turtles, spiders and birds. Apparently in one waterfall area where we visited, there were also freshwater crocs, but they keep their on space. Later on, when the wet season has lasted longer, the saltwater crocs will come there (which are dangerous to human and everyone) and these waterfalls and ponds will be closed. However, these signs about crocs and dangerous are little bit creepy and swimming is totally different thrill than in Finland. Also, in a first place were we visited small and little bigger fishes attacked to my legs.

That’s about it from Darwin! Now I am continuing my vacation in Cairns, which I will be writing later on!

Keep going strong, adios!

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West Coast roadtrip


We flew back to Melbourne yesterday from our trip to West Coast. So, I am writing post for once from short-term memory. University has already ended, but we have not got yet final grades. Little set back or disappointing thing concerning University stuff was that one girl from my group work was a little bit lazy and forgot evaluation form from our meeting with club. She neither send it to club early enough and they did not return it to us (Everything in Australia takes time, people take things easy, no one is here punctual…) for that reason mine grade from that unit lowered 10%. Little bit sad thing because we would have got easily 8/10 points of that evaluation, but no can do.

Back to our West Coast trip! Our trip was from Friday (10.11) to Friday (17.11). There were seven of us; Guy from England, Sarah, Alicia, Lea and Annika from Germany and Julia from Italy. First we flew to Perth from Melbourne. We stayed two nights in Airbnb house close to Perth center. Airbnb was very handy during the trip, it was relatively affordable to rent a whole house for us than that we would take separately room from hostel. So, first two days we chilled and explored Perth, it was a lot of smaller city than Melbourne, but really lovely. Perth City Beach had also really big waves, which was fun, although this means that wind is strong on the beach.

After two days we continued our journey by Kia Carnival that we had rented from car rental. First we drove North to Lancelin where did sand boarding on sand dunes. It was really fun and went well, but I would say that snow is better platform to do this than sand! After this we went to beach and changed our direction to South. We drove to Bunbury where we stayed over the night in hostel. Next day we continued travelling South. We visited Busselton Jetty and numerous beaches, for example Eagle Bay.

During our beach visits we saw a lot of sea life! We witnessed whales, dolphins and stingray. It was amazing to see these wild life animals on beach were was just us or couple others. They came really close to shore, first dolphins were a little bit scary, cause we just saw quickly their dorsal fins, which means that it could have been shark also. So far we have been avoiding all dangerous animals and they have not caused us any harm.

The most South place we visited during our trip was Margaret River. There we stayed two days in Airbnb apartment and one day we did this famous Winery Tour. We had our own private driver and minibus, who drive us to one winery to other. After arriving to winery we had one host, who introduced us their products and of course we tested them. After the day we had drank app. 50 different wines. Our accommodation had friendly parrot guests, which we feed from our balcony. They came to sit all the way to our arm.

After the stay in Margaret River was time to head up back to North. Our next stop was Mandurah where we stayed the last night. The next stay we spend in Fremantle before heading to Perth Airport.

Trip was really nice! We had such a good group and we explored so much new places and things in West Coast. Australia is such a large country and you can really notice the difference between cities, especially from West Coast to East Coast or Victoria.

Now, I will stay in Melbourne for the next two weeks before starting my travelling. My travelling route is Darwin – Cairns – Sydney – Melbourne – Bangkok – Helsinki.

There is still time left!


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Feelings after the semester


Weather is getting warmer and warmer here, how about in Finland? Hahah

I promised in last post to tell about Wilsons Prom trip. It tooked app. 3 hours to get there. When we got there, we had one hour uphill walk to summit where was beautiful view. After that we went to squeaky beach. I could say that this trip was not anymore so amazing than the last trips, but I still recommend to visit there if you are staying in Melbourne for longer time.


I thought that I would now share my feelings about the exchange, which I hope that would be useful for you who are planning to come here after me. After all, I am the only one from JAMK who has been here so far.

Is it hard to study in University in English?

I would not say that it is too hard. If you are studying Sport Management in JAMK in English and you get good grades there, you have no problem studying here. Of course, you will here new academic words that you don’t know and especially in the beginning it can feel harder to follow lectures.  Do not be afraid of studying in English, it will go well and you will improve in it.


How did the units that I took differs from JAMK units?

I would say that bar was lower here than in JAMK. Overall, Australians do not take things to serious and laid-back theme labels everything that they do. For example, group works can be pain in the ass, because other group members are not necessary really interest on doing the assignment.

It did not mean that I did not do here anything relating to University, but the assignments were more shorter and compact. They use here in many units weekly Quiz tasks. Which means that there are app. 6 multiple choice or open questions about last lecture or tutorial session. This can be change depending your unit selection. However, many Germans and from other nations have said the same thing and they are not only studying Sport Management.


Is it worth to go exchange in Victoria University?


I am highly recommending to come an exchange here in Australia. I list things that comes to mind in bullet points:


  •  You will get chance to see new kind of University life. Yes this is an University, not University of Applied Sciences!
  • Your English skills will improve for sure, which will benefit you in working life and give you self-confidence to use it
  • You will get new lifelong friends from all over the world!
  • You will get so many new experiences and stories that you just can not get from Finland!
  • Exchange semester in other side of the world will raise you as a person. You are responsible to get things done here and you have to do it in other language than Finnish.
  • Victoria University has really wide unit selection, so you can study interesting subjects that you just simple can not study in Finland!

Overall, I recommend highly this exchange experience. It is not just joy and one long holiday, but it will be so useful for your future!

I end it now for this time. I still have a lot of time to spend here, so my journey is not even close to finish! Here is some random pictures from Wilsons Prom.



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Semester is finished



This week University ended from my part! Wuhuu! Nah, actually it was not that bad.

Although, my studies started already in July, it feels that time has gone really fast. Luckily, I still have almost two months time to explore Australia and gain new unforgettable memories. I passed all my units with good grades, which will be published later on.

What now? I have the accommodation deal with Unilodge until 1 of December, which means that this can be my base until that day. Before that I am going to travel different cities and parts of Australia. Melbourne is amazing city, but it is just one urban side of this country and do not give the whole picture. This weekend I am going to do trip to Wilsons Promontory National Park with my friends, same kind of like early ones to Grampians and Philipp Islands. These are unique and beautiful landscapes, which are great destinations to do for example one day trip.

We have already booked flight to Perth 10.-17.11 with six of my friends. We are going to stay couple days in Perth and then we will explore the east coast with rented van. I will post about this trip later on when we have returned Melbourne.

Beside trip to Perth, I do not have yet any concrete plans. Just going to go with the flow what ever comes to mind. Perhaps in December, I am going to travel from Melbourne towards North, visiting Canberra and going all the way to Sydney. I am also keen on going to Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia, but we will see.

I have also started to plan and organize things in Finland. I got my internship in Finnish Olympic Committee, which means that I am going to move to Helsinki right away when I arrive to Finland. This means that I have started to search for an apartment, which is painful process from the other side of the world. During the winter I have to also start to plan slowly how I do my thesis (Internship, Thesis and couple courses concerning it are the only things I have left of my studies).

For summary the time here has been a blast and it will still continue for a long time! I will post later on more about what I felt about the studies in here and plenty of more stuff.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask, there has not been too many questions so far!



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Trip to Phillip Island


Today I write late night post about the trip to Phillip Island that took place yesterday.

However, first quick review about how things are here! Semester is coming to an end. I have basically University left only this week, after that I do not have any deadlines left or exams. My grades has been good so far and upcoming days will be full of essay writing. After that is time to ‘rest’ and start to plan more future trips.

From these kind of trips I already have been at Grampians and yesterday was time to go Phillip Island, which is app. 2 hours away from Melbourne. First we walk in the nature about 10 kilometers, witnessing beautiful nature and some wildlife. After that we went to another place, which had amazing views. The last thing of the trip was going to Penguin Parade and witness how Little Penguins came out of the sea back to their nests. There we were not allowed to take any pictures that we would not disturb penguins.

I highly recommend to do one day visit there if you are coming to Melbourne and want to enjoy beautiful Australian nature!

Until the next time

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Camping trip to King Valley

Good afternoon everyone from Melbourne!

Todays topic is the camping trip to King Valley, which was part of the unit Introduction to Adventure in Sport and Active Recreation

It took place from Friday morning to Monday evening. The first day was basicly just settling down and get to know the place we came. It was about 2 hour bus ride to King Valley, where we were staying on the land of local farmer. During the camp we stayed in two person tents.

The interesting part of the first day was when we were collecting fire wood from the near bushes and from the side of the road, I saw a big black snake, which was a couple meters away from me. Later on I googled and guessed that the specie of the snake could be Lowland copperhead.

At Saturday the ‘real fun’ began. Earlier on we were divided into two groups – my group started with abceiling and the other group with white water rafting, and then we would change the activies for the next day.

The day was really sunny and perfect for doing abceiling. I have never done it before, so it was new and exciting thing for me. I had done before once bouldering and a couple time wall climbing, but I could not say that I am really expert on that or have any knowledge how to really do it.

The day consist of two different abceiling case and one rock climbing. The first abceiling was app. 10m height and the second one app. 30m. The rock climbing part was after the first one, when we climbed back up to the rock cliff. The day was full of adrealine, I’m a little bit afraid of heights (falling), so it was really about challenging myself and face my fears and come out as a winner and after all I also did well job.

At Sunday it was time for white water rafting. The other group did not do it yesterday, because of the water level was too low in the river we were suppose to go first. So, the plans changed and we all went to another river called Buffalo River as a big group. The day was not good as yesterday, it was raining all day long, but it did not matter, because we would get anyway and it would be too hot in wet suits and life jackets if it would be hot weather. Unfornately, of the weather and the river I could not take mobile phone with me and take pictures of this. I recommend that you google White Water Rafting if you are not familiar with the subject, so you know what is it all about and what it looks like!

White water rafting last much longer than abceiling, we were almost 4 hours in the river going with the river and rapids. We were all the time active by paddling and trying to keep our balance in the raft. Abceiling in the other hand was just a couple minute performance. These rafts that we used were operated by one person! So, they were not the big rafts were is 6-8 persons, but this was much more challenging and funnier! You really were control of the raft, there were no one else to help you going down the rapids. Among the rafts, there were two bigger and longer rafts, which were little more trickier to control and go down through the rapids and rocks. (Luckily) Unfortunately, I was offered (forced) to go down with the other one. It was faster and much more unstable, so the in the rapids I had to be really focused and try to go right route that I would not get stucked to the rocks and fall down. Even the rapids seemed to be quite dangerous, no one got hurt even they fell off the rafts down to the stream. In the beginning, mine raft also went upside down, because the person in front of me got stuck in the rock and blocked the whole route and I hit him and the raft went upside down. I hold my grip of the paddle and also got grip from my raft and walked against the stream to the shore. The depth of water was about my waist in that point and the stream was neither that strong (altough it was quite strong).

In the last day, we packed the camp and had reflect sessions and headed back to Melbourne. I had a lot of fun, new experiences and friends. This was biggest part of the outdoor unit, which was compulsory to complete. The camping part was not that hard, if you have done the army, this felt like a holiday. Although, many of Australians were little bit uncomfortable when you can not flush the toilet and you have to sleep in sleeping bag and in tent.

Here is a couple pictures from the trip

If you are interested more to follow my exchange journey and life, follow me on Instragram

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask and as always have a nice day!

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Australian Unigames

Good evening everyone!

Todays topic is Unigames, which were held 24-29.9 at Gold Coast. Like I have mentioned earlier, I was part of the Victoria University’s Football team.

During the tournament we stayed in the hotel called Rhapsody Resort. Our team had 14 players (plus two didn’t come). The Unigames was unique and amazing experience, and I am so glad that I spend my mid-semester break in that. Although, it was very rough week. Apparently (luckily) the habit and spirit of the Unigames is having fun and enjoying time together, which means partying, having a lot of alcohol and not having much of sleep. This factor combined to extremely hot weather around +25-32 and playing football is not very beneficial equation of sport point of view.

Overall, I think that we were 9th or 10th of 20 teams, which was quite OK.  Our team also secured first division place for next year Unigames. The system is going to change for upcoming games and for that the main target was to gain position in highest division. I also hurted a little bit my ankle already at the first day, which slowed me a little bit on the field, combined with tiny hangover but no worries! By the way, that game that secured our first division game we won it 1-0 and I made the goal! Perhaps, the first Finnish goal scorer for Victoria University? At least in these Unigames, I was the only exchange student of Victoria University to represent them.

As a conclusion, I had a lot of new experiences, stories and friends that I will remember long after my exchange journey and as a concrete memory I have my representative clothes and game shirt! Also, this was my first trip here in Australia to other actual city than Melbourne.

If you are interested and want to see and read more material from the Unigames, here is some links:

VU Sport Instagram

VU Sport Facebook

Australian Unigames

Unigames Instagram


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Trip to Grampians




I have been here over two months, huh time flies! Although it feels like forever when I have been last time in Finland back at home

Everything is going great here as usually. University assignments have also went really well, if you get good grades back at Finland, you will do fine here!

Todays main topic is Grampians! Last weekend I was in a day trip with my German friends in Grampians National Park

It is located about 2-3 hours away from Melbourne. We went there by New to Melbourne who organized the trip. There were amazing views and there could spend more time by hiking or like how they call it here ‘bush walking’.

Below are some pictures from the trip

Also, next weekend I’m flying to Gold Coast where are the Unigames held! From that event I’m going to write own post and of course take some pictures from there!

Have nice a day, and see you soon!



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Question from the reader – Material from the Parties


Good evening, my dear readers!

Time has flied here as I thought before leaving Finland. Semester is almost halfway through! Can’t believe it!

All the Uni stuff have went really well. I have got excellent grades in every test or online quiz.


The question from the reader: I would like to see some material from parties. Any chance?

So, the topic for today is the ‘party culture’ that I have experienced so far and of course as asked some material.

Overall, the largest difference between JAMK/Finnish student parties and the parties in here Australia is that student unions don’t play such as huge role. Here student unions don’t held parties in bar or other facilities. VUSU (Victoria University Student Union) keeps now and then some events, but they are not so popular as in Finland.

Which means that we ‘party’ with our friends and there isn’t so much role with University connecting people. Usually we keep parties/pres in UniLodge where I live and most of my good friends live. There isn’t any bar for students in Footscray suburb, which kind of suprise me, because here live so many students and I would guess that there would be some kind of market segment for that. Anyway, we order Uber and head up to the city.

Drinking games in here are also similar to Finland. Everyone know how to play beerbong. Card games has small varieties with the rules, but that is of course expexted. The new thing has been the so far the board game, which my German neighbours made. The idea there is simple, just roll the dice and do the tasks. In the middle is the Kings Cup, which is familiar from the card games.

If you have any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to comment!

Until the next time



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