Student life in Melbourne

Exchange semester in Victoria University, Melbourne

Four days to go!

Hello guys after one week of media silence!

I have been extremely busy with everything going on my life; playing football, taking care of moving and woodwork (helping my relatives). I haven’t even thought about the fact that I am moving less than a week to Australia! There is still plenty of things to do before “everything” is clear.

The next things that I should do before leaving to Australia are these:


These are not so complicate to handle, but all of this takes time and when you have to do something like these regularly! I will take care of these task tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going to travel to my home town Varkaus, where I am going to stay until I leave to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. I have to start the famous packing operation… I will check in two luggages and one hand luggage. I hope that I get everything fitted in these three luggage! There is so much stuff to pack. For example, sport stuff, autumn clothes (there is not so warm when I am arriving), summer clothes, hygiene stuff etc. I try to take everything necassary with me, so I don’t have to buy everything in the first place, because I know that I will/have to spend money anyway there.

I got feedback that my blog needs more pictures, so I try to add them more to demonstrate things better and of course in the Australia I will take a lot of pictures!

I will write again soon, have a nice day!