Student life in Melbourne

Exchange semester in Victoria University, Melbourne

Update 1.0


Hey guys!


I haven’t updating much new stuff here, but now I had time to do so.

Life is great here! Everyday learning and seeing something new.

From the sport aspect I am going in the mid-semester break to the Gold Coast and participate the Unigames with Victoria University (sport is football ofc). Also, with others exchange students, we have this kind of mixed team in Futsal league. It costs 70AUD to play each week a game there, so normally there are seven of us playing there and the cost is that how 10AUD per each. Beside team sports, I also joined the Universitys gym. In my opinion its good gym, also you get access to the swimming pool and group exercise if u wish so. This package, which is compulsory (you cannot leave anything out to get any cheaper) is 57AUD per month. In Melbourne that is quite OK price to pay and it takes 5 minutes go there from where I live.


I would love really much, if you would suggest me some topic from what I should write about!

So, comment anonymously below this post what you would like to hear about!







Posted 22.8.2017 at 12:32

I would like to see some material from parties. Any chance?

Lauri Ijäs
Posted 22.8.2017 at 12:44

Excellent suggestion Anssi Ranimäki! I will do a blog post about the parties in the near future. First I have to collect more appropriate material of that topic!