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Trip to Grampians




I have been here over two months, huh time flies! Although it feels like forever when I have been last time in Finland back at home

Everything is going great here as usually. University assignments have also went really well, if you get good grades back at Finland, you will do fine here!

Todays main topic is Grampians! Last weekend I was in a day trip with my German friends in Grampians National Park

It is located about 2-3 hours away from Melbourne. We went there by New to Melbourne who organized the trip. There were amazing views and there could spend more time by hiking or like how they call it here ‘bush walking’.

Below are some pictures from the trip

Also, next weekend I’m flying to Gold Coast where are the Unigames held! From that event I’m going to write own post and of course take some pictures from there!

Have nice a day, and see you soon!



Question from the reader – Material from the Parties


Good evening, my dear readers!

Time has flied here as I thought before leaving Finland. Semester is almost halfway through! Can’t believe it!

All the Uni stuff have went really well. I have got excellent grades in every test or online quiz.


The question from the reader: I would like to see some material from parties. Any chance?

So, the topic for today is the ‘party culture’ that I have experienced so far and of course as asked some material.

Overall, the largest difference between JAMK/Finnish student parties and the parties in here Australia is that student unions don’t play such as huge role. Here student unions don’t held parties in bar or other facilities. VUSU (Victoria University Student Union) keeps now and then some events, but they are not so popular as in Finland.

Which means that we ‘party’ with our friends and there isn’t so much role with University connecting people. Usually we keep parties/pres in UniLodge where I live and most of my good friends live. There isn’t any bar for students in Footscray suburb, which kind of suprise me, because here live so many students and I would guess that there would be some kind of market segment for that. Anyway, we order Uber and head up to the city.

Drinking games in here are also similar to Finland. Everyone know how to play beerbong. Card games has small varieties with the rules, but that is of course expexted. The new thing has been the so far the board game, which my German neighbours made. The idea there is simple, just roll the dice and do the tasks. In the middle is the Kings Cup, which is familiar from the card games.

If you have any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to comment!

Until the next time