Student life in Melbourne

Exchange semester in Victoria University, Melbourne

Trip to Phillip Island


Today I write late night post about the trip to Phillip Island that took place yesterday.

However, first quick review about how things are here! Semester is coming to an end. I have basically University left only this week, after that I do not have any deadlines left or exams. My grades has been good so far and upcoming days will be full of essay writing. After that is time to ‘rest’ and start to plan more future trips.

From these kind of trips I already have been at Grampians and yesterday was time to go Phillip Island, which is app. 2 hours away from Melbourne. First we walk in the nature about 10 kilometers, witnessing beautiful nature and some wildlife. After that we went to another place, which had amazing views. The last thing of the trip was going to Penguin Parade and witness how Little Penguins came out of the sea back to their nests. There we were not allowed to take any pictures that we would not disturb penguins.

I highly recommend to do one day visit there if you are coming to Melbourne and want to enjoy beautiful Australian nature!

Until the next time