Student life in Melbourne

Exchange semester in Victoria University, Melbourne

Feelings after the semester


Weather is getting warmer and warmer here, how about in Finland? Hahah

I promised in last post to tell about Wilsons Prom trip. It tooked app. 3 hours to get there. When we got there, we had one hour uphill walk to summit where was beautiful view. After that we went to squeaky beach. I could say that this trip was not anymore so amazing than the last trips, but I still recommend to visit there if you are staying in Melbourne for longer time.


I thought that I would now share my feelings about the exchange, which I hope that would be useful for you who are planning to come here after me. After all, I am the only one from JAMK who has been here so far.

Is it hard to study in University in English?

I would not say that it is too hard. If you are studying Sport Management in JAMK in English and you get good grades there, you have no problem studying here. Of course, you will here new academic words that you don’t know and especially in the beginning it can feel harder to follow lectures.  Do not be afraid of studying in English, it will go well and you will improve in it.


How did the units that I took differs from JAMK units?

I would say that bar was lower here than in JAMK. Overall, Australians do not take things to serious and laid-back theme labels everything that they do. For example, group works can be pain in the ass, because other group members are not necessary really interest on doing the assignment.

It did not mean that I did not do here anything relating to University, but the assignments were more shorter and compact. They use here in many units weekly Quiz tasks. Which means that there are app. 6 multiple choice or open questions about last lecture or tutorial session. This can be change depending your unit selection. However, many Germans and from other nations have said the same thing and they are not only studying Sport Management.


Is it worth to go exchange in Victoria University?


I am highly recommending to come an exchange here in Australia. I list things that comes to mind in bullet points:


  •  You will get chance to see new kind of University life. Yes this is an University, not University of Applied Sciences!
  • Your English skills will improve for sure, which will benefit you in working life and give you self-confidence to use it
  • You will get new lifelong friends from all over the world!
  • You will get so many new experiences and stories that you just can not get from Finland!
  • Exchange semester in other side of the world will raise you as a person. You are responsible to get things done here and you have to do it in other language than Finnish.
  • Victoria University has really wide unit selection, so you can study interesting subjects that you just simple can not study in Finland!

Overall, I recommend highly this exchange experience. It is not just joy and one long holiday, but it will be so useful for your future!

I end it now for this time. I still have a lot of time to spend here, so my journey is not even close to finish! Here is some random pictures from Wilsons Prom.