Student life in Melbourne

Exchange semester in Victoria University, Melbourne

West Coast roadtrip


We flew back to Melbourne yesterday from our trip to West Coast. So, I am writing post for once from short-term memory. University has already ended, but we have not got yet final grades. Little set back or disappointing thing concerning University stuff was that one girl from my group work was a little bit lazy and forgot evaluation form from our meeting with club. She neither send it to club early enough and they did not return it to us (Everything in Australia takes time, people take things easy, no one is here punctual…) for that reason mine grade from that unit lowered 10%. Little bit sad thing because we would have got easily 8/10 points of that evaluation, but no can do.

Back to our West Coast trip! Our trip was from Friday (10.11) to Friday (17.11). There were seven of us; Guy from England, Sarah, Alicia, Lea and Annika from Germany and Julia from Italy. First we flew to Perth from Melbourne. We stayed two nights in Airbnb house close to Perth center. Airbnb was very handy during the trip, it was relatively affordable to rent a whole house for us than that we would take separately room from hostel. So, first two days we chilled and explored Perth, it was a lot of smaller city than Melbourne, but really lovely. Perth City Beach had also really big waves, which was fun, although this means that wind is strong on the beach.

After two days we continued our journey by Kia Carnival that we had rented from car rental. First we drove North to Lancelin where did sand boarding on sand dunes. It was really fun and went well, but I would say that snow is better platform to do this than sand! After this we went to beach and changed our direction to South. We drove to Bunbury where we stayed over the night in hostel. Next day we continued travelling South. We visited Busselton Jetty and numerous beaches, for example Eagle Bay.

During our beach visits we saw a lot of sea life! We witnessed whales, dolphins and stingray. It was amazing to see these wild life animals on beach were was just us or couple others. They came really close to shore, first dolphins were a little bit scary, cause we just saw quickly their dorsal fins, which means that it could have been shark also. So far we have been avoiding all dangerous animals and they have not caused us any harm.

The most South place we visited during our trip was Margaret River. There we stayed two days in Airbnb apartment and one day we did this famous Winery Tour. We had our own private driver and minibus, who drive us to one winery to other. After arriving to winery we had one host, who introduced us their products and of course we tested them. After the day we had drank app. 50 different wines. Our accommodation had friendly parrot guests, which we feed from our balcony. They came to sit all the way to our arm.

After the stay in Margaret River was time to head up back to North. Our next stop was Mandurah where we stayed the last night. The next stay we spend in Fremantle before heading to Perth Airport.

Trip was really nice! We had such a good group and we explored so much new places and things in West Coast. Australia is such a large country and you can really notice the difference between cities, especially from West Coast to East Coast or Victoria.

Now, I will stay in Melbourne for the next two weeks before starting my travelling. My travelling route is Darwin – Cairns – Sydney – Melbourne – Bangkok – Helsinki.

There is still time left!